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  • happy birthday to Lore, happy birthday to Lore, happy birthday dear Lore, happy birthday to you!
    gosh, i'm tired toooooo!
    and hungry.
    this place, it's still sort of addicting. AND I JUST LEARNED GOOD QUALITY PHOTOSHOP SKILLZ. :p :dance: im so happy.
    hahaha, LOTTTSS of time. wayyyyy to much time spending on here. But once you're on here, you're on here for a couple hours at least. it's very addicting. it's like, ok, here's your friends, here's people agreeing and disagreeing. here's people posting threads that you enjoy and you don't, here's new music, new interviews, new videos, arcade games to play if you must, we can now chat with other people and so how they're doing directly without PMing them. ITS WONDERFUL!
    oh my gosh, it's gotten more addictive since it turned into a facebook/myspace forum. it's like I MUST GET OFF AND NOT WORRY IF SOMEBODY IS REPLYING TO MY COMMENTS IN A POSITIVE WAY! lol.

    Phase? I sure hope so.
    haha winter vacation is always fun. Except when you have to go back to school. blah. I wish i could put my days into more use. I come on here way too much. it's a little excessive.
    chea no kidding. not that much fun is going on over here on my side either. I'm ok.... I feel like getting out and doing something but this summer rain is ALWAYS HERE every single day.
    hi um, I'm looking for a post of mine, but I can't amid the masses of posts...is there any way I can find it a bit faster? @[email protected] its entitled "i swear to god I need to learn this song" or something, and the song was what if
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