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  • hi lore:) i was just wondering what picture you used to make your sig. its so cute:nice:
    Jejejjee, entonces va a estar buena la fiesta!! :lol: :dance:

    Todo bien por aqui, parece que va a llover y eso me pone de buen humor :D
    i am off, see you in the am, have a great day tomorrow with your frinds and eat some choclate!
    i am so bored watching this show on inscects on the pacific islands, but mike Rowe is the commentator, (the Dirty jobs guy) everyone is asleep except my son who is playing xbox with someone from china heheheehe
    so do you know the venue where the killers are playing? is it big enough for maybe a war child gig with coldplay? now wouldnt that be the bomb!
    sort of quiet day today, worked, shopping with my daughter, the kids took lola to the beach today and she drank too much sea water and threw up all day, poor thing, we bought her a new toy, tommorrow i will finally upload the dolphin vids and some pics, where is everyone tonight? i know chavi is having the time of her life
    so has anyone heard from the birthday boy today? how are you, so excited for your killers to come your way
    i am off too bed, will be on a more regualar schedule next week, i am driving tom around next week to help him for work, should be fun, he has been such a trooper, and actually this has brought us alot closer, i am one lucky girl, nighty night maybe ren will surprise us tomorrow
    omg i knew you would do that!!!!!!! you will have a great time, i will have some cake for you, so any gorgeous pics of George that you like best in the book?
    i already knew the answer to the color hehehee, Is there any other color in our world? so what are your plans for you bday?
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