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Jan 26, 2017
Feb 26, 2005
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July 14

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Jan 26, 2017
    1. Mojo Pin
      Mojo Pin
      Lowee! I'm sorry! I had so much bad luck lately and my mom is in the hospital and i lost my phone with all my personal info in it and they tried to hack my fb and gmail using that and everything sucks right now so i was feeling sadish and in no mood to be online :disappointed:

      I'll try to be on more often as soon as i finishing fixing some stuff but i hope you're doing ok and i miss ya too! :hug:
    2. SwallowedInSea
      :dance: :dance: :dance:
    3. Megalomania
      I know. :bigcry:
    4. Megalomania
      Boring and tiring, actually. :lol:

      I've been writing essays the past 3 weeks or so, and I only have 2 left (yay!).
      Then I have 4 complicated chem problems left, and I'm organizing a time for my friends and I to do our 50 algebra 2 problems together. :nod:
    5. Megalomania
      Hi Lore! :cheesy:

      Sup? :wacko: :hug:
    6. piyush.exquisite
      Now this will make me cry seriously! ah noooo :cry::(
      I really wanted to watch it cuz it's nowhere to be found now. I could only manage to download the audio but no video but I appreciate that you responded for this upload. I just wish If someone could share it back. I would be really grateful to that person.
    7. piyush.exquisite
      seems like the links are inactive and doesn't work anymore. :(
    8. piyush.exquisite
      Hi Lore, I am Piyush. Do you remember this gig 'Coldplay - One Night In Paris - Live At L' Olympia 27 August 2002?
      HERE! http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2242092#post2242092

      I want this gig. Please help :( I have been searching for months and I found out that my favorite performance of 'See You Soon' is from this show(Coldplay - One Night In Paris - Live At L' Olympia, 27 August 2002) since It's not on youtube anymore and I really miss it. I downloaded the audio and confirmed this evening, It was only this gig. I don't know where to download this dvd! I know it's old and I hope I am not troubling you for this :( but I really want it :'(
    9. Caroline
      Yes, they were very pricey. I got a pair of the free tickets, too. I'm willing to sell them for pretty cheap, to cut down the cost of my own ticket.
    10. Caroline
      I will have a full report when I get back. I have the VIP tix, so maybe something exciting happens.
    11. Caroline
      It's 2:45pm on a Saturday and I'm so bored. I'm trying to round someone up to hang out with. I'm seeing Coldplay on Wednesday, which should be good. Wish I lived near you, so I could go out, too! Haha.
    12. Caroline
      Aww, thanks Lore. I think so, too. It's not as amazing as yours. I still stare at yours. Haha. How are you?
    13. rudy_o
      LORETTA :dazzled:
    14. nancyk58
      Hi LORE,
      I read that you feel like partying. And then the GIF. That made me think of a time when a coldplayer was banned, and Mark was so pleased so he filled ½ Coldplaying page with dancing and very happy smileys.

      I have been to the memorial service for Norway's victims on 22.7.11 - it was very solemn as it should be.
    15. nancyk58
      Hi LORE,

      When there are news in relation to the Philippines (yesterday hit by the worst tropical storm for 5 years), I post in the thread "The Philippines need your help too" started by Santa Claus.

      I wonder if the thread name could be changed. I have a strong feeling that you know Santa Claus who can change the thread name. Could you help, please?

      Of course I could start a new thread, but I find it better to have one thread about the Philippines - the thread I mentioned. What do you say?

      Today I am going to a memorial service for the Norwegian victims.

      Have a nice day. :sunny:
    16. EmmaLouiseSmyth
      yeah...but it's just with one of my best friends. If I had to deal with other people I didn't know too well at that time of the morning D: well I'd feel sorry for them, haha.

      Oh that sounds lovely :wacko: It must be! but you guys are such good friends. I think it's so awesome how you guys meet up.
    17. nancyk58

      Have a nice Sunday evening. Here it is 7:30PM. What is it in Chile right now? I think the time difference is 5-6 hours.
    18. nancyk58
      How cool.

      Do the Beatles (and Coldplay) posters hang on your walls?
    19. nancyk58
      Also a good week to you. And enjoy the beach.

      What kind of Beatles stuff do you have?
    20. EmmaLouiseSmyth
      I'm good :nice: I'm trying to relax as much as I can before tomorrow morning. The thought of waking up at 6:30am for work tomorrow is painful, haha.
      Do you have anything nice planned for Imke's trip?
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