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    Internet 'rewires our brains' and makes teenagers vulnerable to mental illness

    I read an article covering a similar topic in the newspaper the other day (yes, I know, I'm old-school, reading newspapers and printed magazines) Well, in my own experience, I have noticed how my ability to focus on a single activity has depreciated the more I use the Internet. When I was...
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    The Offical "The Killers" Thread

    ^same here, it needs to grow on me... and the fact that it's associated with Twilight does not help :sick:
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    Can;t believe it has been a week! :lol:
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    What are your methods of escaping from depression?...

    I had a paranoid episode in August, which was making me having have panic attacks everyday. It took me 2 weeks to snap out of it, yet I decided to address the issue [see, panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder] In addition to exercise, I started taking St. John's Wort, and I think it has...
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    The Snow Patrol Thread

    So, now that I have seen a couple of my fave bands live, still no Snow Patrol :sad:
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    The Offical "The Killers" Thread

    *look at tauiwi's signature* Wow, we have almost the same taste in music :stunned:. Only that mine includes more Spanish/Hispanic musicians, and some Brazilians :)
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    Nah, don't worry, I won't kill you now! You have earned your life with these pics :P *saves on her hard drive* Ok, this deserves to be in the "Matt Bellamy Appreciation thread" :sneaky: Funny, now I want to own a pair of jeans like those. That color is amazing! :lol: Yeah, specially the...
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    Hey, if you can, read what I wrote on the U2 thread (on the World of Music), as well as on the...

    Hey, if you can, read what I wrote on the U2 thread (on the World of Music), as well as on the "Matt Bellamy Appreciation thread" Both posts are rather short. Also, dfitt00 on the U2 thread posted 3 pics of Matt [really nice because he was in front row] The only downside was that I accidentally...
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    Hey Liz! don't have to much time, must go back to study, so here's what I wrote on the Matt...

    Hey Liz! don't have to much time, must go back to study, so here's what I wrote on the Matt Bellamy thread yesterday: Opening for U2, I was stading on the field, wasn't that far away from the stage. Muse started playing before sunset, so I could see them even better. Matt was wearing teal...
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    I had an AWESOME time! :dance: Thanks so much for selling me the ticket at the last minute! :sweatdrop: I still cannot believe I made it, I saw freakin' U2! :o Glad you were at the inner circle. Ok, I took many pics, but this is what happened: My brother borrowed me his camera, which I did...
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    4-Mar-2010: Parque Simon Bolivar, Bogota, Colombia - Tickets, Previews, Meetups, Reviews/Photos

    Jajajajajajaja! :laugh3: @the_escapist: si, mijo, anda! Es una experiencia involvidable. Imaginate que yo logre ver a CP en Nov pasado, y eso porque yo me vine a vivir a USA de Vzla hace 6 años. Por eso los pude ver, porque si espero que vayan a Venezuela, todavia estuviera esperando :dozey:
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    [##CANCELLED - DISCUSSION PG138 ONWARDS] 09-Aug-09: Ford Amphitheatre, Tampa, FL

    hey, giving my support! (see my siggy) I joined the FB group as well! :D
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    The Offical "The Killers" Thread

    Ah, dang it! I wanted to listen to that new song :( Yeah, I actually died several times during the concert of freakin'excitement *unless you're a girl, please ignore the spoiler*
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    you're right! I need edit my siggy :P No, they did not play "Pride" because they played "MLK" instead. Source:
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    I Suppose I Better Explain My Absence (reflection thread, crap thread)

    @Cobalt: girl, I feel ya, as a recent immigrant to the US, I know what's like to have problems with the monies, and dealing with the -retarded- gov't agencies :dozey: