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  • Yeah, I am so upset that I won't be able to make it to Coldplay's gig at Tampa :bigcry: :disappointed:

    But yeah, I will be on for U2 on October 9! :dance: Remember what we talked right?
    LOL, no problem. No, I never made it to Vancouver since my company cancelled my work trip to Seattle :dozey:

    I did get to see Snow Patrol in San Antonio though, so it wasn't all bad. Just sucks I missed out on the taping!!
    Are you still going to the Tampa show?. A group of Coldplayers are meeting up at the gate. And later at the Hard Rock cafe for drinks. Check the Tampa tread :)
    Hey there! :) Yep, I did get to see them here in San Diego, front row of the pit! :D It was amazing! I had so much fun...hoping you have a lot of fun, too! When is yours?
    my concert was brilliant! seriously, the best moment(s) of my life:wacky: i managed to get a guitar pick and a setlist! :D
    how have you been?
    Yep, Coldplay friends forever. I love it how the Love of the Band unites people. I am soooo excited, can't believe it's almost here, there are gonna be tons of people from this site in Tampa!!!!!!
    (Note: This is a copy&paste message. Please disregard it if you have already voted.)
    Hi there,
    The Absolute Radio Live Stories competition voting stage is closing soon. In this stage, users vote for in their opinion which story is the most well-written.
    The top four entries with the most votes go through to the next round. These entries are judged on and two are selected to battle it out for the weekly prize - concert tickets. The winner then will write a review of that concert. These will face off and the winning story wins the forum a two hour festival made up of songs entirely of their choice!
    We currently only have 90 votes, but we know there's a lot more of you out there. Please vote for one of the thirteen stories at the link provided below and if you have the time discuss why it was your favourite - the rules for this competition state we must have discussion about the entries!

    Thanks for your help! :smiley:
    Hey Lola, it has been a while since you were here... good to have you back :nice: :hug:

    You will get Pit tickets for Tampa, so don't worry ok? - As far as U2, most stadiums are allowing fans to be on the queue between 9am-12pm during the show day, but that rule is being overrated and violated :wink3: :dance: It's a first come first serve basis to get to the inner circle, so I guess that at Ray Jay we could be able to be on the queue even 24 hours before the show. :wacky::wacky:
    :bomb: OMFG LOOK AT MY NEW SIGGY LORE :dead:

    Thats fine :nice:

    O man yes get the pit ticket :dance:
    I bet that person will buy it and even if they back out im sure there is someone who might want to get into the show at the last moment and buy it from you! :kiss:
    Im keeping my fingers crossed for you ;)
    From Angie's show from the 21st! :bomb::bomb::bomb:

    Phil putting in his ear plugs

    Ear plugs- check

    OK now watch the show
    :bigcry: WHAT?!?!? NO LORE!! NOO!!! U must get the pit! :bomb: laura told me that her extra ticket sold extremely fast!! like within a day or 2......u could totalyy sell that extra ticket!! And I was able to sell mine too. Put it on a bunch of extra sites, and just be like "free shipping" ppl like that! :D

    I cant go to the music festival in Chicago, Lollapalooza where the Killers were playing bc. im in a weddding this Sept. One of my best friends is getting married and im one of her bridesmaids, well when i was on vacation last week, the mother of the maid of honor is throwing Amy (my firned who is getting married ) her bridal shower, and she didnt even check with the rest of us to see if that day would work for us. That mom just picked Sun. Aug. 9 for the bridal shower and already sent out the invitations! :bigcry: i was kind of upset that she didnt even bother to ask the rest of the bridesmaids if they were available :angry: So its the same day that the Killers are there., and I cant really tell my friend, "sorry, im going to a concert...." i think that would be bad and unloyal, plus i do want to be their for her bridal shower. And its not my friends fault that her maid of honors mom did that.....:( so yeah. it sucks i wanted to see Brandon so bad :bigcry:
    aww, i understand! :\ yeah i almost didn't go through with it, until i managed to sell all my tickets. but i know you'll have TONS of fun regardless and all of us must still try to meet up in line :) :dance:
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