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  • Ahhhhhh, I'm so excited for you! :dance:
    I saw them last month and it was absolutely amazing. Brandon came out into the crowd (did he do that at your concert?) not too far away from me. I was like 10th row, it was incredible. And yeah, Bones is a great song! :D

    I'm glad you had such a good time. :nice:
    Wait Lore....where did you post your review at? I thought you were posting it in our thread....not the other Lore's thread :disappointed:
    Lola! :stunned:

    Please let me know if you still wanna buy the U2 ticket! Reply back soon so I can send you the ticket on time! :bomb:
    LORE!!! :hug: YES! I want to read allll about it :D
    give me links when your done!
    And ill make sure to be around hopefully if your going to post in our thread :dance:
    LORRRREEEEEEEEEEE :bigcry: I heard about Tampa :hug: :hug: :hug:

    and leave me a message i miss talking to you!! :kiss: what is up with you!? :D

    I'm so sorry, but yes, I am whoring myself out for votes :lol: I got nominated for Best Guy Fan 2009 and I would LOVE to win!
    Right now we are just campaigning for votes and the actual voting starts I believe next week, I'll remind when that is.
    But if you truly think I am a good candidate then please vote :D http://www.coldplaying.com/forum/showthread.php?t=61761

    And if not, then that's OK, just wanted to get the word out there.
    It would mean a lot to me,
    Thanks a lot!


    Tonight the girls from the Gary-group (in which you are a member ;)) are having a party. We are enjoying photos of gorgeous Gary, watching interviews and music videos of Snow Patrol and have fun with their music. Come and join us!

    When? From 9 p.m. until open end.
    Where? In the Gary-group (see your groups)
    Reason? You really need one? :P

    Greetings from Gary's girls!

    oh that sucks, I could have given you some of my rest :p I just sat around all summer :sick:
    But atleast now I've started running :p
    What are yo on an internship for?
    This message is going out to everyone who is part of the Escaping Group. As you may or may not know the :escaping: smilie is currently participating in the Battle of the Smilies. Could you please vote to make sure we make it to the next round. Thankyou :escaping2:
    Lore! :hug: Aww, that's cool :nice: I hope you're doing well! Yeah, I officially start my first day of my last semester of college tomorrow! :dance: How about you? I'll PM you my Twitter SN ;)

    EDIT: Oh and have you heard anything about the Tampa show?
    aww, I've been gone, so I didn't hear about that cancelled show until today. :( I hope they reschedule, and I hope you get a refund!

    I'm so excited for The Killers! My concert is exactly a month from today, September 12th. :dance:
    Oh no, that really is no fun :(
    Well, hopefully they are re-scheduling and not canceling. If they move it later in the year, I might plan me a trip to Florida! :smug:
    I feel your pain, college is harder than high school, what's your opinion? :thinking:
    I am also about to start 11th grade and it's gonna be a painful year with all my AP and honors courses :sick: I have done very well since middle school, but as time passes I feel more and more apprehensive.

    I wish all the best Lola, you'll see that all this will be very rewarding in the long run. :wink:
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