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  • Hhii :) thats ok! you completely right, the setlist is always the same :( i´m a bit disappointed too... im just going to this one because i missed the last one in wembley, due some familiar cause, i had to go back home the day i arrived at London..but hopefully this time it will be fun :) im seeing them in May here in Lisbon hehe

    You welcome :) hope to see you again someday!

    Merry Christmas!! :D

    Hiii there :) how are you? i dont know how to ask this :shy: but well..i have a spare ticket for a london gig next year, 4th June at emirates stadium..im trying to sell it to someone i already know first..already asked raphaele, another portuguese girl, but none of them can come, so i thought about you :embarrassed: would you like to come? or can you come? :\ kisses:)
    I heard it was super hot.....good practice for the heat and humidity that will be Lolla. Haven't seen your vids...got a link?
    Alles gute zum Geburtstag ,liebe Kirsten!!!
    Ich wünsche dir einen wunderschönen Tag!!!:kiss:
    Wie gehts dir überhaupt ???
    Hey Kirsten! I just wanted to say hello to one of my fav. German friends :p

    How is life treating you? I miss Europe a lot, I'm just back at my university in the States now. Not much excitement

    Miss you! :hug::
    Hi Kirsten, Thanks for the birthday wishes - definitely feeling that year older :shocked3:

    My husband and I are going out with some friends to a Taste of Newport, in Newport Beach, which is like a food festival with food from a lot of restaurants. Have you heard of Foreigner? They are a band that was very popular here back in the 80s, and they are performing there tonight, too.

    Hope all is well with you :) I do have some other upcoming concerts, too. Muse on Thursday, Tom Petty on October 2, and Mumford and Sons on October 18. And Coldplay, well, sometime in 2011? We hope!!!

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