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Recent content by Leaver

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    doum dim duh dah hello bonjour hola konishiwa i've seen coldplay news on a site and it reminded me of this site "i remember all you fuckers" :wideeyed: i don't know if the smiley are still working it's time for poetry even if the machine needs some oil snail or oyster tokio hotel on poster hail...
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    Best place to visit in Europe?

    barcelona papi 8)
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    Léa scares me sometimes......

    such J.losophy on this holly thread :uhoh:
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    Ren's birthday...

    candles in the wind on hairy chest :shocked: was it hairy i would have think it was shaved :nice: but if it was hairy it could have burnt then hospital :thinking: I've read somewhere that Jean jacques Rousseau one of a famous french writter liked to enter candles in his penis this is...
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    Reilly come back or i'll ask you 60 euro i've remember now that R. and I were in Paris approximatively in Paris in the same time this city is not enough big for the two of us :dead:
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    Léa scares me sometimes......

    back from the block et j'en connais pas la fin :wacky: i'm kama sutra reilly 's drunk somewhere beyond the Ren bow :laugh1:
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    i can't believe i remembered my password

    personnaly i've tried 5 times before writing the good one :nice: dunno if it was a good idea after all :uhoh:
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    i'm not crazy i have not yet shaved my head and attacked paparazzi with an umbrella :nice: i've remembered all those crazy nights posting quicker than a ray of lights melting conversations "feels nostalgic" that explains a lot my post account :laugh1: remember even now that reilly had spoken...
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    Léa scares me sometimes......

    wtf would say M.losopher :uhoh: i thought this thread was dead like mushrooms growing under rihanna umbrella :uhoh: Long time no see Mafesse i'm shocked i need to confess :uhoh: shocked that you're still coming or cuming here :laugh1:
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    Ren's birthday...

    no she applies man semence :laugh1: :uhoh:
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    Ren's birthday...

    oh la la :shock: mafesse 's back just with poetry power :nice: i'm gonna write another poem and others bikas may come back :bikers: comets flying from the sky :lips: bikers gone for a ride :chinese: mafe's back for the good or bad waiting for mafias to be back :uhoh: candles on chest...
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    Ren's birthday...

    Coming two days in a row :shocked: that's psychic suicide :lips: i've read old post and had a good laugh all those damn post *sights* :/ Miss Lotta and eva :biker: have got any news as i've been flying near saturn :uhoh: even it's late over here (2.16 am) it's always tile for poetry some...
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    Ren's birthday...

    hello hello i'm late as usual, happy birthday Ren (a) to hope you have a good one i'm too lazy to read all the message above :smartass: if my memory works well, you're starting to get old (like everybody through :thinking:) no doubts my memory's working well i can remember the smiley things...
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    What are you thinking right now?

    i've not posted since january 1st :uhoh: i might connect next time in 4 month if my neuron tells me so :thinking:
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    starting new year with this my virgin eyes are falling :) glad or sad you're still hanging around with ducks or fucks stay away from children or musiclovers :kid: this was new eve poetry enjoy or die :)