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    Call for Coldplay Multimedia

    Pretty late replying to this, but it says that i don’t have permission to view that page.
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    [2017-10-06] Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

    to the people who did the intro video, i saw you out front during the picnic in the park event and loved your costumes! you were taking photos in front of the rose bowl text on the ground with a photo of chris martin
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    A Head Full Of Dreams Tour: Pre-show music

    Don't forget White Diamond by Hatchback. I didn't hear it before the 2017 shows but I heard it before the 2016 shows and most other tours before that
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    What is your favourite Coldplay song today?

    Today it's Us Against The World. The song has grown on me because initially I wasn't a huge fan of the song until I heard it live
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    Concert Intros

    Also, at the 2 shows I was at during the 2017 US leg, only Thursday Afternoon was played before the show. Nothing else. I know White Diamond and a few other songs were played on loop before the 2016 shows, but were any songs other than Thursday Afternoon played at your shows this year?
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    Concert Intros

    Back during the Viva tour, everyone was swaying during Blue Danube. Was that a crowd initiated thing or was a roadie doing it? Every video I've seen has most of the floor crowd doing it
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    [2017-10-06] Rose Bowl, Los Angeles, CA

    2 months can't go by soon enough! Traveling from NY!
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    European tour 2018

    Aren't they going on hiatus for a few years to do music, etc? I remember them saying something like that when the tour first started and it was brought up here again a few days ago
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    Xyloband Controller!

    Are the batteries AAA or are they the coin batteries used in the ones I got from the concerts? Might get the deluxe remote + 5 wristbands
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    How old will you be during the NEXT tour?!

    I'll be 23 or 24... God I feel old now
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    Intro Video for Seated Concerts

    The people sitting next to me at Gillette Stadium last year were in the video and they just hung around near the main entrance long before the gates opened. LOOONNNNGGG before the gates opened.
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    concert live credit song?

    I definitely hear the word Dreams as an echo/high reverberation
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    Kaleidoscope Tour Picture

    bump :)
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    strobe lights?

    There's not much strobe lighting during the AHFOD tour. During "Something Just Like This" there's some strobe lighting, but the flashes shouldn't be flashing quickly enough to trigger an epilepsy attack
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    Getting to shows

    I would never use a service like that. I find it completely worth driving 4 hours to get to Gillette Stadium. Here's why I don't take buses anywhere (if I can help it) 1) Toilets are filthy 2) Longer commute (in some cases with multiple stops) 3) Cars travel faster in many cases 4) Many cars...