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  • Oooooh EEEEUUFFF... :embarrassed:
    I'm f***ing missing you too, you can't even imagine... :(
    Trop occupée ces derniers temps c'est dingue, je passe plus du tout sur msn. J'ai essayé d'y venir hier et aujourd'hui mais t'y étais pas... Fais moi signe si t'y es je viendrai :)
    Merci pour ta petite réponse qui m'a bien fait sourire! :p
    A big yeah for tomorrow! :dance: (Gaga?.. Gaga! tu vas en avoir des choses à nous raconter! XD) On garde nos tels à portée de main demain, alors! :kiss:
    Je pars d'Austerlitz après donc on va sûrement être par là. On te prévient si on bouge! Mon train est à 17h35. On se voit mercredi donc?! YAY!
    Beaucoup et pas grand chose en fait de mon côté. Je suis à Paris mercredi, le temps d'un aprem. Rendez vous Gare du nord avec Virginie, if you got nothing planned, you're more than welcome! :D
    Encore une fois, j'ai pas pu participer cette année.. Mais j'aime bien aller jeter un oeil dans le topic pour découvrir de nouvelles choses ;-) So what's new with you?
    I'm glad you liked the review. :smiley:

    I just realized I didn't give you the tracklisting for my mixtape. Do you need it, or did you find it in the thread? :tongue:
    Hey, sorry it took so long. I finally got a chance to listen to your mixtape today. I like it a lot. :D

    1. I like this song, it's very energetic. I'm not really liking the singer's voice though.

    2. This one's a slower song. I like how it kind of speeds up during the chorus. It's a little repetitive though.

    3. I really like the guitar in this one. The singer's voice sounds really familiar... Great song, my favorite so far.

    4. I know this one - Crystalised by the xx. :p It's a very good song.

    5. This one sounds like it's from the 80's, it has kind of a dance beat. It's a bit too synth-y for me, and I don't really like the singer's voice, it's a little too deep.

    6. This one is a little eerie sounding, but I like it. I like the brass instruments (at least that's what I think it is), and the singer sounds kinda Irish. :wacko:

    7. I know this one too - Where is My Boy by Faultline and Chris Martin. :heart:

    8. I really like the piano in this one. It's such a beautiful song.

    9. I'm liking this song. I might have to get a little more used to the singer's voice, though.

    10. This isn't a bad song, but it's a little repetitive and the singer's voice is bland.

    11. This one starts out with very interesting sounds. I like how the singer's voice sounds sort of distorted. I'm not sure what language she's singing in, I don't think it's English. Nice, this is one of my favorites so far.

    12. I really like this one. The voice sounds very distant, and it's difficult to understand what he's singing. It's a bit eerie-sounding.

    13. This one's in a foreign language. French, maybe? It's a bit of a heavier song. It doesn't really impress me much. The last minute of it is pretty though.

    14. I like the bass in this song. I think I hear a banjo too. :p This is a cover of that Nirvana song, isn't it? My brother was obsessed with that song for months. I think I like this better than the original.

    15. This sounds so familiar. It sounds very country, it's the kind of music my dad likes. :p I don't normally listen to this kind of music, but I really really like this. :wacky:

    Overall, it's a very good mixtape. I really enjoyed listening to it.
    My favorites are 3, 8, 9, 11, and 12. I definitely want to check out these artists/bands. :p
    Hio Camille :cheesy:
    I have a late start for school, so I'll probably have to leave soon but I'll find the link of my mixtape :wacky:
    My person heard it but did not review it :disappointed:
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