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  • WOW! you are already listening... :rolleyes: don't be scared! its only music, a lot of tracks in my iPod is very pessimistic, and slow so I've been trying to find balance in mixtape and these songs I just wanted send you to listen)
    It would be great to receive something from Kellie, like a miracle) and never forgot about you;)
    It would be awesome, and by the way if you already have definite house in the city where you study, I might (and I want to do it!:) send you postcard and your LRLRL. I hope I could do this soon. You'll be very good doctor, so I understand how busy you are and how important this for you.
    Thanks for your sweet words and kindness, my aussie nice friend!:hug:
    I miss you Kellie!

    So, where are you now? It is northern Australia, isn't it?:)
    I'm fine, but very busy right now. Study, two works plus I go to the English courses and courses for artists. Its crazy life in general.
    Here is nothing interesting on the site while Coldplay hide in the studio so that we also have some kind of vacation.
    I confess, I looked a lot of your photos in Myspace and I want to say that you are incredibly beautiful! I think you could easily win the Miss Coldplaying Award if it'll happen :rolleyes:

    Much love,
    It is really exciting (cyclone warning). When I watch news from Australia I often worried about you.

    Have you already heard new Coldplay song called Spanish Rain?:)
    I was so glad to receive long-awaited message from you, but it is indeed very pity that you do not move to London. I imagine how you were disappointed, but everything’s only to the best. I hope, you will see London soon, not after 6 years, for example in 2012 there will be Olympic games...
    But its ok, be optimistic, life only begins, I congratulate you on getting scholarship and acception into university, its great! Kellie, let everything will given you easily in studies. North Australia? I remember you told that will study medicine. Give me to guess..? Is it probably James Cook University in Townsville?

    Thank you for your wishes! But I am the most ordinary boy, and the only unique amazing person here, is you, no doubt!
    Merry holidays!
    You spend holidays abroad, its cool! Could you tell anything interesting then?

    Much delight Konstantin
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