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Recent content by Jonathanpeel

  1. J

    O (part 2)

    Maybe O part one will be just an instrumental track and O part 2 will have lyrics. Like life in technicolor. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. J

    Ghost Stories Target release

    I'd love an acoustic version of Midnight with no vocoder
  3. J

    Is Ghost Stories a love story?

    Coldplay has never had titles that straight up meant what the song was about. And I would really be surprised if they did another concept type album or even have an album with an overall "love story" theme.
  4. J

    Ghost Stories Target release

    I honestly feel like it will be live versions of songs they play at the itunes festival or another live show if there's another one announced between now and the album release or it'll be acoustic versions of a certain songs or an official remix. I don't see Coldplay limiting three new tracks to...
  5. J


    Chris has said in the past that the colour song titles are just coincidence. I too think midnight could be the colour title but it seems doubtful considering ink could also be considered a title. What Chris has confirmed in the past though is that he tries to always have at least three songs on...
  6. J

    [Article] Why the surprise single may have backfired for Coldplay (Toronto Star)

    I'm so happy the forum is back, because I would've never thought that Midnight might potentially be a b-side. And what i've noticed about b-sides is that their sound and mood slightly differ than the single. Emphasis on slightly. So maybe Magic will not be so distorted as Midnight.
  7. J

    Mylo Xyloto artwork exhibition for Kids Company

    Incase anyone was wondering the big mylo xyloto wall is being sold for 1 million pounds. Or roughly 1.6 million canadian dollars. (u.s.a can just estimate :p ) If you're wondering how I know. I sent an email to the address given on the art expo website.
  8. J

    Hurts Like Heaven full music video...

    When did you get the digital download? If could just elaborate how and when you got it that would be great. If not, sending it to me would be much appreciated :D
  9. J

    Hurts Like Heaven full music video...

    when did you get it?! :o
  10. J

    Hurts Like Heaven full music video...

    When do you think we'll get the digital downloads?
  11. J

    Hurts Like Heaven full music video...

    Sooooooo who's excited for the comic? :D I know I am! I preordered the subscription version without the lithograph. Too expensive!
  12. J

    Hurts Like Heaven full music video...

    I don't know how people can claim this music video is intended for the "mainstream audience". If this video was put on MTV or any such channel people would be like "wtf is this, where's 16 and pregnant?" (cause MTV doesn't play music videos anymore) Mainstream people want a video like Charlie...
  13. J

    Chris Martin to replace Keith Urban on The Voice Australia?

    "Xyloto Mylo tour" at least get the name of the tour right, it's not happening. I can't see it happening! :p
  14. J

    ColdplayFilm - MX Live DVD

    Ok no one has made the comment about this yet so I thought I might give it a shot. And if someone did mention it in some way or form I'm sorry :shifty: but this is how I'm predicting the dvd/blu ray/cd is going to be laid out. The tracklist that Coldplay has released on their website is going...