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  • Hi Ceren, do you still need a ticket for Hannover? We have got one as our friend cannot go because his father died :(. It's standing. I will be there with Thalia.
    OMG I know this video, I watched it several years ago, it's fantastic! xD Now imagine someone wants to learn German and you go like "Here, watch THIS!" :lol:
    Thanks Ceren. It happened about three weeks ago. Still learning the ropes... and the chains, and the whips.... uh :D:laugh3::cool: :angel:
    Yes lots of weirdness happened in the last week. But I don't care anymore :wacky:
    It's just a fan forum after all and nothing important in my life :lol:
    Jaaaa we do indeed have a lot of time in our university lol. Aber wirklich, das Wetter ist echt voll kacke! :lol::shame:

    Ohhh wie cool! :cheesy: I'm always _SO_ impressed when people are learning German, it's such a weird language with die, der, das. It just doesn't make any sense! xD
    Wow, I already Ferien :)awesome:) since 2 weeks ago until the beginning of October :stunned: But I have write two Hausarbeiten (it's funny mixing German words into here LOL) à 15-20 pages and draw a whole comic book IN THIS FREAKING WEATHER :angry:

    I just can't :dead:
    I love that Lord of the Rings thing you posted in the LOLdplay thread. It's so true it actually hurts. Literally :dead:
    fellow kitty! Do you have the download links for yesterdays performance at the sandy relief? :surprised:
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