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  • Hi Jen,

    Your card arrived yesterday. The photo of Jess & Sammy is so lovely - Jess looking at Sammy in an admiring way, and Sammy smiling and enjoying the attention. :)

    I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS :santa3: and a Happy New Year! :vuvuzela:
    Sorry, again can u give me a link to it as I can't find it sorry to be a pain anks

    Happ coldpaying!!
    I am glad that you like it. I am surprised that it took so long for the card to arrive in Manchester from Copenhagen (the US ones arrived days ago)!!

    But good to know that you received it. Yes, I hope that Sammy enjoys the stamps (he might put them everywhere, LOL). :santa:
    Hi Jenjie,
    Thank you so much for the lovely card. I love how it is designed by Sammy Betley. He is a great artist - I am sure that he can take it far. He has clearly talent - I really mean this. Thank you again. A big :hug: to both YOU, Sammy and Ian.
    Good evening, Jen
    How are you? I just wanna make sure that you have received the letter I sent you. It was sent at the same time as I sent my second card to Angie in Texas (and she posted that she had received her second card several days ago). So you should have received your card now.
    Hi Jen! :nice: How are you? Hope you've had a nice weekend. Are you and Ian going to be able to come see us Londoners sometime soon? Would be lovely to see you :hug:
    Hi! I've been getting quite a few messages lately about account mix ups and thought I would let you know! :) The messages ask if I have multiple accounts by the names of Greeneyedspotlight, vivalakelly, and surfangirl15. I just wanted to let you know that we are actually a coldplaying family! :) vivalakelly is my mother, Greeneyedspotlight is my sister, Jamie (Jamie and I were on the boat for the coldplaying boat trip in London) and surfangrl15 is my also my sister, Kylie. I wanted to clear this up because we all love coldplaying and wouldn't want our accounts thought to be fake and deleted. If you want to make sure you can ask Jillyblue and Ultravioletlight25 who we went to Lollapalooza with. Sorry to bother you I just wanted to let you know! :D
    I got caught up in Mark-gate!

    I did transcribe the Q interview and scan it though AND I'm just about to scan the Q review from the Glastonbury special.

    I will do it though, honest :shy:
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