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  • Everything is good. I've just been hanging out with friends and looking for a job. I have two really good leads through people I know, and I think both would be great! One involves me moving to Dubai, but I think that would be cool for like a year or so. I don't really have any interesting news haha. What tv shows do you watch?
    I have a couple leads, so hopefully one of them pans out! I started selling things on ebay, so hopefully people will buy stuff from me! It's discouraging trying to find a job. Luckily, my Mom is awesome and totally knows where to look for jobs, so that's a big plus!
    JEN!!!! I was just thinking about you today, when I was on here earlier! I mean't to message you, but I totally forgot! I'm doing pretty well! I'm on the hunt for a job! I think I'm starting an ebay store in the mean time. How are you doing? How is your husband and the kiddies?
    Oh, hey Jen! Sorry, I haven't been visiting this forum much lately (nothing but bickering and trolling in light of the news lull).
    I haven't listened to the Tired Pony album yet, unfortunately, so I didn't get any tickets to the show. (Instead I was focused on getting tickets to Arcade Fire's LA show.) I just have the free download song they gave out a couple months ago. Definitely need to listen to it, though.
    Just saw your 2 messages XD Glad your like the mix. Saw yours too (your 2nd one)...Damien Rice + The Swell Season... <3 I can give the same compliment: GREAT TASTES!!
    haha thanks! :p

    You should check out Ram... my fav McCartney album, and Walls and Bridges or Mind Games (favorite lennon albums). if you need any recommendations lemme know!

    Also good chatting as well. Take it easy!
    haha! yeah Magical Mystery Tour was a bit weird. But A Hard Days'Night was great! I also enjoyed Let it Be though it showed the dark side to the band.

    I really like their solo stuff. I love all of Lennon's solo work, I know it in and out. McCartney's solo work is alsogreat, though I only really like his early solo/wings work (up to around Venus and Mars), and then his recent work (Flaming Pie on)... the rest is okay. Harrison I love All Things Must Pass, but outside that like only a few songs. For Ringo I like his self titled album and a handful of songs out of that.

    I've seen McCartney twice (2002 & 2005), and Ringo once (1997... my first concert)
    cool! it's a great song!

    It's a great movie! definitely my favorite of theirs (i've seen all their movies)

    have you listened to their solo stuff? what do you think/favorite solo career?
    definitely Abbey Road. I love every song on that album so much and the stringing of Because to Her Majesty works so well!

    But after that I'd say I like The White Album and then Rubber Soul.

    I personally love all their material but am a bit more partial to their middle/latter material (Help/Rubber Soul onwards)
    Tracklist in the mixtape thread :heart: I find it ironic that I got you as my mixtape partner, when we had talked on last.fm a little while ago :p
    Thanks, Jen! I just got back to my hotel room after spending the weekend at Disneyland with my family. I think I may fly home next weekend, because I told my Mom I was already home sick and she said I'm welcome to come home. Everything is good! How are you doing? Is it hot in Texas?
    So I'm going to LA for training. I leave July 6 and come back July 24. My bday is july 8 so I will be working that day. Sorry I haven't responded, its just been crazy getting use to work. How are you? How is the husband and chirruns doing? Summer plans?
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