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  • Hey, is there anyway you could make a wallpaper? I love guy in his ray bans and lacoste polos. It's cool if you don't want to, but I've seen your work and really wanted something!
    You can surprise me! I seriously love everything you do. I would love a picture of the band with lyrics from either "Strawberry Swing", 'Til Kingdom Come, or "The Scientist. Also, I need a large wallpaper, as I have a 21'' Apple. So probably like 1280 by 1064. Thank you soooo much!
    You make amazing wallpapers! I've seen some of your stuff on flickr. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind making me a coldplay wallpaper? It's fine if you don't have the time, but I thought I would ask. I love your work!
    'Its true Amy!!!... same date birthday!...
    I loved a berryman as gift of birthday.. you? '
    oh Im so sorry I just saw this!!:lol:
    but yes I would looove some Berryman for a gift :wink3:
    ps.if you want to reply back to a person, just click on the users' name to go to their profile and reply their, also to view what you said last to that person just click 'view your conversation':kiss:
    Yes Liz!!!... of course that i drank of it!!!...

    I drank from the same beak in which guy supported his mouth :bomb:

    and.. no.... this is my firt live show from Coldplay!
    i wish i could enjoy many shows more!!!!

    Its true Amy!!!... same date birthday!...
    I loved a berryman as gift of birthday.. you? :sneaky::sneaky:
    Yep, Im Liz :nice:

    Nice to meet you Jen, do you have any more Latin American Coldplay concerts to attend? :D

    Oh yah! I hope you drank some of it! :sneaky: Best drink I ever took! :laugh3:
    ooo you are LIZ!!! :)
    Its a pleasure! :)

    yes!!!! its a GREAT GREAT SOUVENIR!
    It had some waters still when I took it!! :dance:

    wow... that was great!
    WOO HOO girl! Congrats about the meeting and getting Guy's water bottle :dance: I read about it in Guy's thread. I got his water bottle at one of my shows too :D Isn't it a great souvenir? :wink3:
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