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  • Hello, I just recently learned about Ryans mini adventure, and I just wanted to tell you that it is the most inspiring story I have ever heard. Ryan sounds like she was the most amazing person ever and I wish I had known her cause I love her already from just reading about her!! You are an amazing person for helping her memory live on and you are an inspiration to us all!! I hope Ryans mini gets on stage with Coldplay someday!!! :D
    I believe the font is Boogie STD Outline 2 and I was unable to find it for free unfortunately. Thank you for the kind words.
    youve probably gotten asked this already but id like to know where i can download that font. its really cool and good job with the banner
    Yeah but how did you do the missing letters? I mean you just draw them or did you find the same writing? I'm sorry if my questions are not clear.
    I've actually just now visited DeviantArt. Thanks for telling me about it. In just taking a quick look at the offerings, I feel my stuff will never compare. I've been working in television production for about 15+ years so I love making graphics but I would never consider myself an artist. I've been using photoshop for more years than I care to admit. I absolutely love the program but know that I have so much more I could learn. There's always several different ways to achieve the look you going for. Thanks again for all of the comments and I look forward to seeing your next banner.
    Hi I wanted to know how you did the effect on your banner (about Japan) that is gorgeous btw. :nice:
    Thank you very much, did you make yours or you just had the idea of it ?
    Wow three years, you must be really good at it.:nice:
    Well I saw all your banners so I know that you are!
    I've been making them for about three years. I really love contributing the site because I love the band. It's a great community. Where are you from?
    Oh okay.:nice:
    I was wondering how did you do the writing of Christmas lights because I've never seen this writing on photoshop.
    Yeah it was mine, thanks. :nice:
    But I saw a few opinions and a lot of people didn't like it. :disappointed:
    I use photoshop too, do you use something else than photoshop as well ?
    Omg me too. :awesome:
    I love making banners also. :nice:
    I don't know if you see them. :shy:
    Do you use Photoshop ?
    Thank you, you too. :)
    Hi Julie! I sent the MINI back to you just the other day, actually! I hope it arrives safely! :)

    Sorry for the delay.

    All the best /Anna
    Julie! Oh, my goodness, I'm sorry I haven't answered, but my notifications count is always stuck on 1, so I never see if I've gotten new private messages! I haven't gotten any in my hotmail, though. Strange.

    I promise I'll get back to you asap, I'm currently just very busy with university and don't spend too much time on the computer.

    I'll write you a lengthier response no later than Friday.

    I hope you're well! Lots of love!

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