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  • Snow Patrol next week, The Temper Trap next year aaaaand I thought I was seeing Coldplay on my birthday (since the dates were on their VEVO website and all) but now we dont know...
    :awesome: yeah, I think that thats the main reason for me to like it... I´m becoming a big fan of cartoon heart/charlie brown too (it all started when aI saw its title :D)

    I´m great! My research project was approved by my professors today! :dance: So I´ll travel to start the works in July.
    And you?

    I'm hoping it won't be so bad. I know that my professor for this class is the wife of one of the band directors here in my town. Maybe she'll be more sympathetic to the music major's needs...?
    Yes, but not in this class. A friend of mine who graduated last month told me that you aren't allowed to take this reading class and apply it to music. :disappointed::
    Well, I'm a music major, and this class I'm taking teaches us how to teach kids to read. Not reading music, but words. :|

    Pay someone to massage you. :smug: haha

    meh, I guess. :p

    'Kay, I'll check later cuz I'm not on my laptop right now. :anxious:

    That sounds fun. :wacky:

    I know right? :( Eh, I'll live.
    Why not? :p

    You don't happen to have MSN do you? :sneaky:
    Haha, no. :tongue:

    No, of course not. It's just that the class I'm taking seems pretty useless for my major, and yet I'm required to take it.
    I'm good thanks. Coldplaying has changed a fair bit since you have last been around but its nice to see you back. I'm mainly in the WoM section now. Has the new coldplay single lured you back in?
    The classes take up like, 2 hours of the day, adn the summer semesters are like...amonth long? Maybe not even that much. I don't really know.
    yeah.. :/
    but the problem isnt when they dont like it, its the way some people attack the band because of it, as if coldplay HAD to do songs that please everyone... :wtf:
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