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  • O really? well i would think almost any city in Australia would be wonderful :wacky: but i have never been there.....i want to go one day tho...
    Im about an hour from Chicago in Indiana......and when im at college during the school year, its closer to Ohio and southern Indiana :D
    I definitely agree with Clocks. I've been listening to the LRLRL version today; it's so energetic.

    I tend to quote Live 2003 a fair bit too. Especially the tour diary. There's some real gold in that documentary!
    That's awesome! My favourites to play on piano are: AROBTTH, The Scientist, The Hardest Part, In My Place, A Message, Amsterdam, Clocks, Fix You, Gravity, Trouble, Green Eyes, Politik, Speed Of Sound, Square One, Swallowed In The Sea, What If, LIT II, Lost?, 42, LIJ, Reign Of Love, Viva La Vida, Violet Hill, DAAHF, Postcards and Glass Of Water. Violet Hill is my favourite on guitar at the moment. I get such a buzz playing along with Chris' live acoustic version.

    For a long time Speed Of Sound was my favourite song, but it would always change. I think if I had to pick just one it would be Politik. It just builds up to such an epic climax. Have you seen the Live 2003 version? Oh, Daylight is another song from Live 2003 that sounds fantastic live.

    AROBTTH is my favourite album too. I've been listening to Green Eyes lately, so that's right up there at the moment.
    I do :) I feel so blessed that I've had the chance to meet him! Next time they come to Brisbane we can stalk out the loading dock. It's such a shame that it's three years away. It would be great if they did two Aussie tour legs.

    I've been teaching myself piano for a few years, also inspired by Coldplay. I only started messing around on guitar this year. My favourite songs to play are Life In Technicolor and Violet Hill since they're in the same tuning live. Yellow and Swallowed In The Sea are the next guitar hurdles :)

    Other than those, I learned Clarinet and Saxophone at school.

    What's your favourite Coldplay song?
    I waited around after the Sydney show too and had the same result :) Chris is an extremely generous human being.

    Death And All His Friends is great. The intro is fantastic, especially when the piano comes in. I've been listening non-stop too!

    How long have you been playing piano and guitar for?
    Hey :) No problem. I waited around the loading dock after the show to see if any of the guys would come out. About an hour and a half after the gig (just after most of the traffic had left) Chris came out. It was fantastic. He stayed for about twenty minutes taking photos/signing things and chatting to the small group there.

    I only went to the loading dock because back in 2006 he came out of the same spot (the 24th; the night after you went :p). The BEC is such a great venue.

    LeftRightLeftRightLeft is fantastic! I'm finding it very hard to pick a favourite. At this point it's a toss-up between The Hardest Part/Postcards, 42, Death Will Never Conquer and Death And All His Friends.

    How about you?
    Yeah I am listening to that one now, great track. The quality is AMAZING. Did you dload the 192 or 320 version?
    Incredible! The tracks sound better than I thought they would! My fave is The Hardest Part, without a doubt. Now I am not so bummed that we didn't get leftrightleftrightleft as a track.
    Im on rapidshare link, 50 mins away if you're still on!! lol liked the comment on the thread; 'melting'....
    I'm dedicated too. I just set a new PB running home from work. But I am sitting on 14kbps at the mo which stinks, waiting.....
    True. Although, i get home from work at 6pm tomoz anyway so it suits me. But, I guess if I go on I will have to catch up on 20 mins of gossip on it on the forum! Enjoy.
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