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  • Woah, I just looked into the line-up and it was a good festival! Plenty of interesting bands to check out. Did you get the chance to see Jake Bugg or Johnny Marr? (Or both?)


    Yeah, that would be great! Ahh I'm so excited for you :wacky: did you manage to see any bands in the front or the first few rows?
    Hello, if you're interested in playing an RPG-like game on short notice, please check out the Coldplaying Game Night thread in The Lounge as I am organizing one right now Hope to see you there! :)
    Yeah, honestly Muse being involved in the soundtrack is the main reason I want to see it. I just always think it's interesting to see how they use songs I love in movies. :D I even watched that goofy Tom Cruise movie Knight and Day because Uprising was in the preview, I had no other reason to watch it. :lol: Then they didn't even play it in the movie at all. :angry: :laugh3: But in all seriousness, I actually think the preview to World War Z looks pretty cool (especially with Isolated System playing the whole time :lol:). :wacky: Plus I heard that apparently Matt Bellamy was reading the World War Z novel awhile back and it supposedly really inspired him in writing a lot of the album. :surprised:
    That's great your birthday was good. And yeah that's great too--I'm sure the trips planned over the summer will totally beat a big celebration the day of anyway. :)
    I thought the movie was great! :D And yes, Quinto and Cumberbatch were fantastic. I agree on the actor who plays Kirk though...kinda obnoxious. :uhoh:
    Speaking of movies though, I'm anxious to go see World War Z! :awesome: My brother in law told me it wasn't too great, but I still want to see it. Have you heard anything about it? Oh and happy (extremely) late birthday! Hope you had a good day. :)
    Sorry for my lateness, but I just read your review! :D I'm so thrilled that you got Dead Star!! :dazzled: Bliss must have been super awesome, too!! :wacky: Plug In Baby is another one I always thought would be epic to get. It's just got such a great energy for a concert. :dance: I'm sorry that the setlist wasn't entirely what you had hoped for though. But at least you got Dead Star. :wacko: Was Dead Star your favorite of all from the concert? It must have been totally amazing!! :awesome: I'd been looking at spoilers and pictures from the stadium shows all week and the stages looked pretty bloody epic!!!! :eek: It must have been absolutely incredible in person!
    Anyway, I'm really glad you got to see them live. So, despite the songs that you'd rather not have gotten, and just looking back on the concert as a whole, was it about what you expected or better or what? :wideeyed:
    OMG really?? :surprised: That would be so bloody amazing if Biffy Clyro did play Opposites in full as well as all its b-sides! It would be too awesome. :awesome:

    But back to your upcoming concert...TODAY'S THE DAY...:bomb:

    Hope you have a fantastic time!!!! :dance:
    Sorry you had to see some details you'd rather not have seen about songs played in Coventry. But at least you don't know about the special stage design and also I'm thinking you probably will get some epic song surprises. :awesome: For some reason, I have a good feeling you'll get Dead Star, too! Don't know why, I just feel you will. :D
    Off the subject, but for an early birthday present, I now finally have my own copy of Biffy Clyro's Opposites. :dance: I'm so happy, it's so great!! :wacky: I also got some Keane & Kasabian CDs. I can't remember if I've ever asked you, but do you like either of those bands?
    But back to Muse...OMG I cannot believe that your concert is SO SOON!!!!! :eek: I hope to hear all about it afterwards!! That's so cool you're going to try to stand really close to the b-stage to be close to the band! That'll be so bloody amazing!! :wacko: I hope you have the best time!! : )
    Yeah, it sucks. :confused: But on the bright side, it did let me listen to Little Soldiers and Hope For An Angel just now! :D They're both absolutely amazing songs, but I think Hope For An Angel immediately just became one of my top Biffy songs. :nod: It's SO great!
    Thanks for the suggestions! : )
    Yeah, I'm so happy with my job! :)
    I just listened to the Biffy b-sides and oh my gosh they're so awesome!! :awesome: I especially loved The Rain & City of Dreadful Night. :cheesy: But when I went to bring up Watch & Fingerhut, it said: "This song is not available for listening in your country." :angry: At least I got to hear City of Dreadful Night, The Rain & Milky though. They're amazing! :D And speaking of Biffy, I've been meaning to say that I like the Opposites album cover avatar change you made. :laugh3:
    It's funny how awesome b-sides and the more rare songs in general are. Some of my favourite songs by Coldplay and Muse are b-sides, and undoubtedly one of my favourite things Radiohead has ever done is their My Iron Lung EP, which it seems few people have even heard.
    And yeah, I loved the Doctor Who episode, but 6 months will be a long time to wait for the next one. :( At least there's more to look forward to though! :)
    Ugh, character limit! :angry: I'm sorry I talk so much. :rolleyes:
    But are there any particular Biffy Clyro b-sides that you would suggest, or are they just all awesome? I'll definitely check them out asap! :cheesy:
    And yes, I did indeed watch the season finale of Doctor Who!!!! :shocked2: :laugh3: What are your thoughts on it? :D
    Yes, I'm so happy about it! :) Oh and it's at an animal shelter. It's a rare no-kill shelter and I've been employed to rehabilitate the scared or aggressive dogs to save them from being put to sleep and make them adoptable, and then I also talk to the potential adopters and basically take care of the rest of the animals, etc. I adore animals so I love it! And I actually make pretty good money and definitely enjoy it far more than working at a store or one of the usual first jobs. :D
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that you will successfully avoid Muse spoilers before your show! Thank goodness you're not on Twitter because it's pretty much absolutely impossible to not know of every move Muse makes on there. :laugh3:
    The White Lies have a new album coming out this summer? :surprised: I'll TOTALLY have to get that!! :nod:
    And I can't believe it, but I actually have not listened to any Biffy Clyro b-sides! :eek: I'm sure they're amazing though because I LOVE their music! :heart:
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