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  • fuck marry kill lol @!!!


    i'm actually angry about how well alex james aged wtf
    (Do people even care about blur anymore??? I kinda forgot about them)
    I'm great thanks! I'm in Romania and I haven't been here since I was very little, it's so beautiful and inviting, and they have big malls here too w0w!!!! (but I went to visit someone in the country and their toilet was a dirty hole in the ground outside their house wtf no bye!!!) uh I'm playing guitar again and I just feel really great about myself you know?????

    I swear I've seen your avatar before but I don't remember where
    it's ok i'll replace him
    So don't ever get to thinkin ..... . . . . . . . Ur Irreplaceable :)

    omg I thought of that immediately after, I felt so clever (get it? Beyonce?? aaaha)

    When did I tell you that? Are you reading my VMs??? :eek:
    Sorry bb frankie is mine!!! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

    ┣∧_∧∧∧ ┫
    ┃(`・ω・)ω-*) ♡
    ┃ノ ⌒ ⌒`⊂ \
    ( ノ ●  \●
    \   ┣┳┳┳┳┳┫

    but you can live with us i guess!!!!!

    I should go listen to your music have you even done anything new you lazy $&@?! ?????
    I think the best thing to do is to just be yourself and don't care what anyone else thinks!!!
    Remember the thread I made where I was sad because I wanted to be a punk or a goth or something
    I only make threads when I'm mentally unstable uh
    i don't know i was like "i really want to talk to eddie and brent"

    but brent is dead or something so that's not happening
    and i've never had a proper conversation with you before (i think)

    So hi
    What's up
    How's your music stuff going
    Do u play "indie""" music? Are u indie? Is indie even a thing anymore?? Are you post-indie?

    hey Ed, there might still be a wee chance for you to get to the front. in berlin- and many other gigs apparantly- were some super hardcore fans, who wrote the number of appearance for queuing on peoples' hands with a red sharpie and the according name on a list. the chap who'd arrived before me made them add a plus to his 36 and let them write his gf's name on the list, when she came much later, she could still enter the venue with him.

    Well, and find out if the sharpie-mafia works in NZ too. They are scary middle-aged women (, I suppose) don't mess with them! :p They also entered way before us normal folks, so we figured that Radiohead do pre-gig groupies. Lousy, very alienating choices though. :disappointed::p

    If this doesn't work, bring a smart phone, they tested those code thingies in B, way up above the stage. Dunno if they still do, you were supposed to get skin-deep footage of the band that way. And you might get consolation from the acoustic quality which should be so much better in the back.

    Check your twitter after the show, Dan Snaith and Thom djayed in Berlin and Paris and I think Dan twittered the locations.

    Good luck!!!!

    Ah that song is brilliant! Need to check out their album now. Sadly, not in NZ at the moment so I'm hoping their album has ventured overseas...
    Hey! Sorry I saw this late as I never check my messages. Haha.

    But no, I haven't. Any good?
    I'm really glad you like it, Eddie. :nice: I actually got into him because of Greg. He brought him up in some thread. (It was the one where you recommend artists to other people. The name escapes me right now.)

    Anyway, I found his Bandcamp page, if you're interested:
    As much as I try to talk in a nice manor, I don't appreciate your bluntness. I'm not looking for a conflict, you don't like the song fair enough leave it at that please. Happy coldplaying ;)
    Four Tet was great last night! I got to talk to him after the show for a few mins. I told him how good Nova is and he actually kind kind of shy haha! I also asked if he, burial and thom are going to do more songs but he wasn't sure since everyone is busy. Sorry I didn't get to ask about NZ shows.
    I told him about it today, I figured he would want to at least go on that day (he used to listen to Public Enemy when he was younger). In December I already bought 2 VIP tickets for the weekend, so even if he can't come on the other two days I'll take his sister with me.
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