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  • Nice to meet you Simon :)
    I'm Sofia but you probably already guessed that right :p

    I'm glad to know you don't hate me :D
    Well, just fixed my computer issues so the tracks are finally here! I'll just have to convert those 2 m4a tracks (iTunes really messing with me, have to use windows media player...) to listen to it. I'll try my best to review it as soon as I can and I'll let you know!
    Hello iPsy! (Sorry I don't know your name :facepalm: )

    First of all, I really want to apologize for not having reviewed your tape yet :embarrassed:
    I didn't forget you, it's just that I have been out for some gigs, busy and I had some computer issues...

    Well, anyway, I'm currently downloading it and I'll review it as soon as I can, maybe tonight if the download ends quickly, or in a few days but before the end of this week for sure.

    Again, I'm sorry...
    tsssskkk !! You really made me jealous with that Cherry Ghost remark! Hope I'll get to see them live too this year. Can't stop listening to 'A Month Of Mornings' at the moment, great song!
    Thank you :nice:

    My download speed is SO crappy these days, that sucks :(

    I'm currently reviwing kat_iveson's one so yours will be next :)
    yeah, I think Matt is doing a great job.I wasn't sure I liked him at first but he surprised me. He kinda looks like a dog though. :blush:

    Nobody is better than David ennant. :snobby:
    Good, but I'm mad because the Space Network is all like "I'm gonna play superhero movies instead of Doctor Who y'all" :mean: :lol:
    Just chilling on the computer, basically. :charming:
    I absolutely agree !!! :D :wacky:

    But my favorite is Definitely maybe , but MG is my second favorite :nice:
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