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  • oooh that's quite a while! since Aachen (or Cologne which isn't too far away from Aachen) isn't too far from where I live we should see each other I think....:wacky:
    Heyyy Lanaaaa,

    that sounds pretty cool:awesome:
    thanks for letting me know and it'd be super cool if we could see each other at some point....how long are you staying?
    Hey, glad you could get it to work!

    It is normal for the webcam light to be on, it's always on for me but it's not actually broadcasting any video (unless you instruct it to)

    Also for the glitchiness I think it might show up. Honestly I'm not sure because I've never had it glitchy before. I'd ask like Greg, Jules or Reilly about it since it seems they've had more trouble w/ glitches.

    Well ustream is not too difficult to use. I'd recommend downloading the ustream producer first. That's what I use to play songs. There is a chance that you might have trouble broadcasting if you download the new version, I know I did as well as Jules and possibly Greg. So If it doesn't work I say download Ustream Producer version 1.0

    In terms of getting it to work you first open the program. It was ask you to sign in, and from there you change the image or video icon to blank. From there if you want to pick songs you click on the sound icon and choose whatever song you are looking for. Keep in mind that once a song is over on ustream it will start from the beginning again. Also lastly of course be sure to click the Broadcast button at the bottom or it won't broadcast :p

    that's pretty much it! If you have any questions send me a PM or something. I won't get back to it tonight, but should be around all day tomorrow.

    Take it easy!
    Well I hope everything's fine for him, I have a friend who's supposed to be starting a new job in Cairo in March.

    Seeya tomorrow Lana.
    Hi Lana. That's fair enough, can't have much of a party when worried about that.

    Onward LP! I was gonna do the minimal one at 10pm GMT is dat coo?
    I googled "turbulence", cuz I find turbulence really fascinating, and this was one of the first hits; it's a picture of the turbulence created by a crop-dusting plane's wing as it flies through the air. I believe the colors come from the crop dusting stuff (otherwise it would just be invisible n stuff).
    So do you know what kind of a career you want to go into or anything like that? :surprised:

    I really have no idea yet and I'm not sure I need to, but I've been considering maybe something like being a statistician or a meteorologist. :surprised:
    What are you taking? :surprised:

    Yeah, until September 7th. I'm kinda looking forward to school actually.
    Great great. :awesome:
    Just watching videos on my iPod and trying to find ways to learn Latin, haha.

    Are you on summer break or whatever?
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