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  • oh i see :surprised: :D
    i dont know exactly :thinking: :lol: i mean, we dont celebrate it a lot in my town, but we can stay at home and that's great! :smug: dont you celebrate carnival?
    haha thanks! to you too :p
    im fine! im at home today and tomorrow because of carnival holidays :dance:
    how have you been? :)
    oh yea 3 day weekend!!! woo hoo!!!! :D it's just raining nonstop over here, but it's okayy cuz i love the rain!! although, i think i'm catching a cold :/ right now i'm drinking hot chocolate and listening to "rainy day" :)
    hey I havent been on CPing for a while :( everything' s ok?:D
    school is making my life like hell :dozey: i dont even have the time to breath :surprised: im looking forward for Easter holidays :D even if their're so far.. :tongue:
    do you celebrate Easter? :)
    in about a week it'll be Valentine's Day :heart: :love: but unluckily i wont celebrate it :cry: i dont have a boyfriend because all the boys i know are all stupid :rolleyes: :p what about you? :awesome:
    okayy i watched part of the grammys, but i watched the whole simpsons episode. hahaha is was funny.....but i was expecting a bit more coldplay!! :/ oh well is was pretty gd though :) hahahaha i was smiling the whole time chris was talking :p chris and will's characters looked mean and jonny and guy's characters looked like they were high on sumthing!! lol :laugh3:
    ahh thats good! i need to! lol ahh a message and halo were like the best ;)

    ohh thank you for posting the video on here! let me listen....
    ohh i like it a lot! :) :) thats cool! i think i might have to get their cd! :p
    what does guy do in the band? :) lol

    haha yeah me too! but yeah that is the way it is! XD

    ahhhh the grammys i missed the first half hour cause i was watching the simpsons! and im upset because i missed coldplay's part! :mad: but ill just catch it on youtube :/ lol
    it was a funny episode tho :p i thought coldplay were gonna be in it more..i didnt know it was like a little part :/ oh well..off to youtube i go! lol
    yesss!!! :heart: :chris: :wink3:
    hahaha chrissy loves to wear the same clothes over and over :lol:
    omg! the simpsons were a rip off last night!! :( it was the same thing they showed us on friday (and that video i sent u)
    6months of waiting for like 10 seconds of coldplay :\
    yesss! :heart: Jonnyboy and Guy look rly cute :nice: hey i just found this video yesterday and idk if u have seen it yet but i thought it was rly kewl :) he's SO adorable! :wacky:
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3C8IqsXXQY"]YouTube- The Simpsons - Guest Voice Chris Martin[/ame]

    aw that beanie brings back my memories of the bridge school benefit :) well i should say our memories since u went to that concert 2! :lol:
    haha it's fine!! :hug: don't worry it took me a while to respond to :P
    haha yeah i wanna get the album too lol and yeah i know what u mean..but on the plus side the money goes to helping out haiti lol ;)

    haha yeahh he isss :smug: ahha and so do i! its horrible! lol but i guess if u practice you get better lol

    ahhah yeahh me either but im so excited! :p and yeah i just read about his band thingy or whatever it is...it is like a band right? lol if so any songs u reccommend?

    hahahhahah yeah i get what ya mean lol :p

    lol practice makes perfect :p

    haha ill have to check keane out live lol see what ur talking about :)
    and yeah i love chris' dances :smug:

    haha yeah its really awesome having friends like that! :) there has to be someone at ur school that is like that! :) you probably just havent met them yet..lol :)

    oh yeah i know! im so excited! i cant wait to find out! lol they have so many good songs! :) :)

    hahah yesss they are so adorable!!! <3 <3
    hahaha :p
    Mine were good too :D :smug:
    haha I'm not good in :singer: either! well, we should find a singer that looks like Chris..:sneaky:
    yes, go see it! there was also a copy of Lrlrl :heart:
    today it's raining too :dozey: I cant go out, how boring :( Everyone in Italy dreams of California :cool: we think it's the coolest American region :cool2: :awesome:
    in here now it's winter..what season is there in California? :uhoh:
    hellz yeah i watched it!!!!! it was beyond absolutely incredible!!!! :D omg i love tht beanie to death!!!! hahahaha :) oh and i loved his shoes...they're sooo awesome!!! hehehe and his flowery shirt was adorable! :) i thought the best performances were coldplay (of course!), beyonce, justin timberlake feat. matt morris, and christina aguilera. oh cping wasn't working for you?? thts happened to me b4 too...it sux! i was so mad tht i couldn't go on for a couple of days :/ but it's okayy :)
    Heeey :D so, last week I've been very busy as I told you. how were your finals? :D
    oh cool! :D we can make up a band :awesome: :lol:
    it was amazing :) i posted a pic of it in the coldplayng secret santa's thread if you want to see it :D it came from USA :cool:

    today in Italy the weather its so bad :( i hate rain! :bigcry:
    yes it was so awesome! :) ahh i still need to buy all of chrismartin/coldplay parts and the bono/jayz and rihanna one :) those were like my favs :)

    haha thats awesome! and hahahaha thats hilarious! thats what i think of when think of yoga too! lol

    ahhh i cant wait til they go on tour again!! :) :) :)

    oh wow okay! thats better! lol thats small lol we have like idk...maybe hundreds in our grade now? ugh idk! so many lol

    thats really cool :)
    i used to play basketball when i was 7 lol but then i didnt like it anymore haha
    um..idk maybe volleyball? i like volleyball...or possibly soccer..or field hockey..or lacrosse..something different lol

    ohh yeah me too! lol yeah REM is okay :) im not really into them :/ but i do like some songs :) lol omg! yes i love all those bands :) we gots lot in common in the music department! haha and of course lots of coldplay :p

    haha good im glad u liked it lol
    yeah ive never heard of them either til i went over my uncles friends house and we all were like jamming..playing instruments and stuff lol..and then we started listening to music and she told me she really liked them and then she had me listen and then she made a cd for me and yeah :) lol

    yeah get latin america out of the way..and then make cd...release and tehn tour!! hehe im so excited!! XD

    ohhhh ive seen that video before! i love it so much! they ARE so adorable! lol XD
    ur forced to watch those shows!? :( and yeah Chris looks weird :\ they made him look rly old at least he doesn't look like will XD :laugh3: he looks like he wants to hurt someone! :p and did u watch the Hope for Haiti thing on tv? :dance:
    ahhhh coldplay was awesome! and did u see chris playing piano for beyonce too! she was really good too :) yeahh bono and rihanna and jayz etc were really good! i liked the song they did :)

    omg! u did yoga in p.e.??? im so jealous! lol we dont do fun exercise at my school :/ yyay 3 day weekend!! XD

    lol yeah it can be frustrating..but were u pretty close at least? :) sounds like it lol
    i think..lol

    wait do u mean 75 in like the whole grade? or like 75 in just one class?

    thats cool! how long have u been playing soccer? i wish i could do a sport but i have to watch my little brother after school so i cant really...i might in the summer tho :)

    ohh yeahhhh homecoming!! i forgot about that one! lol haa yes coldplay rules! :p hhmm.other artists..well i like U2, the killers, paramore, priscilla ahn, idk i like lots and lots! lol what about u?

    ohh you should look up a song called "driftwood: a fairytale" by cursive...if u havent heard it yet..and tell me what u think :)

    haha i saw he was wearing the hat at the haiti thing too! lol aww chris..so cute <3
    ahh thats really awesome! ughhh i cant get enough! they never stop being amazing! lol XD

    haha it is absolutely positively brilliant!! haha lol yeahh i love his spazzing too! lol haha i would love to just watch them all day..or just him...watch him do the crazy things he does :p
    haha i know! they are greeat!!! XD yeah im so watching it!! like i was gonna watch it but now im definately going to! knowing that coldplay is going to be on there! XD im excited! its tonight! :p

    ugh so my midterms today werent that bad :) how were urs?
    i had spanish and english today lol!

    haha did u get to touch him?? :)

    holy crap! that is expensive! D: lol but if u can afford it then why not i guess! lol :p
    ohh okay! man a class of 75?!?!! thats a lot! :O

    aw man that sucks...rain can be annoying :/

    haha oh okay..yeah i used to love beach chair :) i still like it but not as much as before..now i just listen to coldplay like all the time! lol i still listen to other peoples tho..you know how it is! lol im listening to politik right now! :) i cant wait til they release some new music too! XD

    OMG!!!! u went to the bridge benefit! im so jealous! lol i bet it was soo awesome! omg! how close were u to chris? :p

    haha yeah weirdo chris! but im weird too so i cant talk :p lol i love how he dances! lol and i think its hilarious when it looks like hes humping the chair! hahahh he gets so into it...its cute ^.^
    haha no i get what u mean! lol ur fine :p

    haha yeah i love them all too! :p they are so amazing! XD
    ahh yeah! i could talk about coldplay forever! :p
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