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  • Creepin' is fun to do when you're bored and lonely. :sad: And actually, there is a lot of sex tourism in Amsterdam, people come here for the prostitutes. Yeah pretty old and unattractive. It saddens me. Not that I care. :uhoh:
    Karen's dad is rubbing off on me. :disappointed: And yes she should haha. It would be cheaper for me to go there and get some than to go to the US and not get any. It's kinda creepy and disgusting though... they just stand in their windows being old and wrinkly. :blank:
    I was writing on Karen's page and my eyes saw the words "Stefan" and "sex" suspiciously close together. Yes I'm a very respectable guy, if I was after that I'd obviously wouldn't try to find it halfway across the world. Prostitution is legal her you know.
    He thinks he's after sex with me. That sort of thing I guess. My dad is just an angry person in general though so not much I can do abotu that!
    I know! You'd have to search through a person's posts for a while it doesn't just APPEAR on the screen.

    I'm just answering your message waiting to see if people will show up my phone is dead upstairs so I can't really text anyone about it D:
    I dunno or he thinks my relationship is stupid and laughable or something. He and Emily sort of went through a thing...I dunno how to word it and I didn't talk with him much after than then yesterday he made a sarcastic post about internet relationships right after stefan and I posted screenshots so I don't know I thought it might be about me. D:
    I miss y'all I love y'all.
    Yeah your school will start so soon. You won't be able to webcam AT ALL? :( Just tell them about us or something or make up some story that we're friends that moved or SOMETHING. I need LERN.
    He does not like Stefan I guess. He must have done some intense creeping to find things from that long ago! He told me he just was looking to see what the site was and HAPPENED to see that.
    I was just...so confused what he was even talking about really D:

    Tinychat tomorrow then maybe? I'm sure some people will be on. I just can't tonight cause I'm working on an essay and I look like a mess cause I had to go to Vacation Bible School at my church (LOL) also I think Nathan may hate me lately...can't be sure though. But I'd love to tomorrow cause I really miss my favorite people in the worrrld. (ie you guys).
    nice! that makes me happy to hear :p

    cool! nice choices! I actually did a cover of House of Cards a few weeks ago

    If you like more drummy, beaty and clappy songs I suggest checking out: Idioteque, Worrywort, Cuttooth, There There, Where I End and You Begin, Backdrifts, Fast-Track, The National Anthem (live), Feral (live from the basement) and also Thom Yorke's "Black Swan"

    But I'm glad that you don't fully hate them :lol:
    He was specifically lookingfor stuff about Stefan and I.
    He found this one thing from MONTHS AND MONTHS ago that like I said "haha my dad thinks Glenn Beck is unbiased" and stefan said something about my dad being stupid. My dad had it written down on a piece of paper and confronted me about it.
    It was so fucking....angering...


    Google+ or something soon please? I miss you bby
    :surprised: :eek:
    wait wait wait hold on a second... YOU added 4 Radiohead songs on your ipod?
    *puts hand on Lauren's forehead*... are you sure you're feeling alright? :lol:

    well this is very good news in my book :D ...it's just the first step towards getting into the band ;) :lol:

    sooooooo.... what songs did you add?
    yeah that's true. thanks! :nice:

    so I didn't get a chance to talk to my bosses with the picture thing, but I'll try to sometime tomorrow if I can. if I do i'll send you a fb message on it
    They're just jealous that I have such a sexy beautiful friend from Texas like YOU Lauren. ;D
    YEAH my sister told me that people told me they're scared of me before! I laughed. Harness their fear? ehehehehe

    So much love. :'D

    I know. I love it. It's such beautiful art.
    haha... yeah I guess so. It is a bit nerve racking at times, by putting covers or originals online. I guess I just see other people doing it and think it's cool, but also like to sometimes get anyone to hear my own songs. At least with my own songs they might not be as bad since no one has heard them before :lol:
    yeah I guess that's true. I'd like to try it sometime. It's been a really long time since I've videochatted with anyone.

    Yeah I know what you mean. I don't really get a huge amount of views on mine since I am either competing with other people or the bands aren't as known that people don't really care :lol:

    haha yeah it's understandable. Recently I uploaded some covers I did (if you want to check them out sometime), and then watched/listened to some other ones and I was a bit embarrassed by how off key I sounded. So I guess I can relate.

    yeah... well... yeah.
    It is weird though cause I don't think I really GIVE people much of a reason to dislike me let alone be SCARED of me. People are actually scared of me. Weirdest thing ever.
    YEs. Yes Yes.

    Me too. Me too Lern. :( I love you more than...things that are very loved.
    You should be a good girl Lauren.
    BTW I called them and they said I needed the SAT because I did not have the required hours of maths or something to apply as a transfer, so I'll be getting in as a freshman which is equal to idleness, because I don't wanna loose three semesters, so I'll take the SAT, send it to them as well as addiotional transcripts of my current college (by the time I applied I hadn't finished them). If they still see me as freshmen I'll quit because I don't wanna waste the time and the money I have devoted to my current college.
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