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  • :) ok i will only tell u cus u are my fav. Berryfriend....

    I guess he (james) was outside one night and he had some music going really loud with these speakers he got and Guy came out and said something to him like "your disturbing my peace and zen" and James was just like "what the hell does that mean" hahah and Guy was just joking i guess. So then Guy walks over to the speakers and blasts them up all the way..he said "I just want to see how loud this can get" (omg i can just picture this story perfectly in my head lol) and i guess Guy and James were both listening to it super loud and this other old lady who he said was like 83 opens her door and cusses both of them out and they were both just like "o shit!" hahah
    i had to go so i didnt hear the rest of the story but i guess his rents know Guy really well and they are all going on a fam vacation with Guy this summer when he gets a break
    Lauren u better get your ass over to youtube cus stells's bf...James, the one who lives next door to Guy, just made an account and he is giving me stories about Guy!!!! things im sure no one else knows!! muhahahaha (evil laugh) i have to go now tho...
    hahh yeah she has seen him, but she isnt the type of girl that really gets obsessed with anything haha but ya she said he was a cutie :)
    O yes! I kno you didnt have to look it up! I would expect nothing less of you, naturally :D and one of my best friends is lucky enough to be born on the same day as GB too and i always remind her that she shares the same b day with the hottest man ever created! she is always just like "uh ok Liz.." lol
    AH! You leave this site too early!! You dont need to study history! i am a freaking History major- i can help you study....lets see..."In what year was Guy Rupert Berryman born??.."
    hahah JK have a good night and get that scotsman ALONE!!!!! Be pervy just like u are on here!!! :D
    see ya!
    lol you could always just be like "So hi, im Lauren and you look a lot like Guy Berryman from Coldplay, who i happen to be madly in love with...So do you want to make out??" Not awkward AT ALL!

    heehee hahahah
    Aww. yes Guy hallucinations...they happen to the best of us! But what better halucination could a Berrygirl ask for????!! :D
    hahah! the hot scotish guy sounds delish..maybe he is a long lost relative of Guy?! we can only hope! thats wierd cus i saw this dude in the hall today too and he looked A LOT like GUy, i took a double take, cus he was just passing me and i swear, it looked so much like him! and also my friend bought me a Coldplay poster that i didnt have already!! yeah! so my day was ok, i love Thur. cus i have no classes then, i just go to work :D
    Ah, man you dont have to remind me about school days. Urggh. But everyone here seems to have worked harder at school than me so I cant help thinking how hard it is for you. But Im sure one day all this will be worth it . When you get a high paid job so youcan splash it out on Coldplay tickets, right near where Guy stands:p
    Lauren where are those two new Guy quotes from??? the calendar one and the bra on stage one??!!! those are amazing and pervy ;P
    Right up our alley!!!
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