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  • Yeah he spoke to me anmd everything he seems nice and all :D

    That's weird...maybe it's a beta thing that only some people get to have multiple people converse on skype for macs? WHO KNOWS.
    Yeah, it makes me mad when people don't have fun. It's like why did you bother coming? The Lindsay rumor was on Gossip Cop. She is so press hungry, I bet she said it herself. Guy is way too low key to date someone like that. Plus, I HIGHLY doubt Guy would date a girl with a drug habit. She got the tickets for free and threw a fit they when they wouldn't let her backstage. It's like Coldplay are not dumb, they are not going to associate themselves with someone with a known drug problem. What a brat.
    Yeah, but it's just clear that people were there because it was free. California crowds just suck. They never really interact. Did you hear the rumor that Lindsay Lohan is dating Guy? I would disown him if that were true. Fortunately, we all know he's too smart to be so dumb.
    Good seats, Coldplay key chain, Coldplay water bottle, Coldplay tote bag. The crowd sucked so hard. When they played Charlie Brown, Hurts Like Heaven, Us Against The World, ETIAW, and Major Minus I was the only one who knew every single word. Everyone just stood there.
    Guy was looking like his beautiful self. He was so smiley too. I will post pics of him on your wall later.
    When I was on tinychat with Jo and all (my camera wasn't working there) all of a sudden she called me on skype and it was just her and her bf sitting there. It wasn't awkward just I was awkward from shyness and stuff.

    Darn MAC! Though they're actually supposed to be better computers and all.
    Okay not tonight cause like I told you on fb I have to get off soon cause of my bitchy parents. But maybe the day after tomorrow.
    It'd be really cool to see your apartment and all! YOU COULD SHOW US.
    Plus I really miss Alexa and all too. :( And Darcy. And SARA. I saw her boyfriend on skype for a few minutes yesterday!!!!!!! I was so awkward though LOL.

    Okay I'll trust ya ...
    Yeah it's a bit confusing, to put it simple if I get in as freshman I'll loose 2 years of college, of what I'm studying here in Mexico.
    Are you sure? :thinking: :escaping:
    No I'm not in yet, because I need to take the SAT since I didn't had enough hours of maths to apply as transfer, so I have to apply as a freshman. Anyways I'll take the test and send some more hours of study I'll be doing in my current college, if still they say I'm freshman I'll refrain from applying.
    I don't think I get to meet them. It's going to be taped for Jimmy Kimmel, so watch out for me! I guess I get a Coldplay gift, so I'm hoping it's an autographed poster or something! When do you head back to school?
    SO lovely! What a cutie.. must stop staring at your avi haha
    So you watch criminal minds too? :tongue:

    I know it's been ages! I don't come on here that often anymore, it got a bit boring D:
    I'm good too! Currently on summer break hehe

    What have you been up to, gig speaking? :nice:
    Can we do a Disney movie late-ish tomorrow night you think? Or a google+ I know people are gonna have to start going to school again in August and all right? I miss you people all the time and yeah...
    I'm seeing them at UCLA. It seems fitting to see my favorite band at my school. I bought the VIP tix because I couldn't find anything else. I will post pics when I get back. Want to iChat sometime or are you too uncomfortable with it? Haha.
    Those are decent arguments. I only creeped cause he told me that he creeped on our conversation here too. D: I'm not that weird. AHH.

    Ummm I'll send you a fb message if you want me to?

    YES. I wanna watch Dex with you. :( If we can't watch it together I guess we could just end up watching it then discussing it a bit later on.
    My relationship is quite different yah! So basically yeah there are few opportunities for sex to happen...and it's not like I'll really end up having sex with someone while my dad is just sitting in the room over...I dunno. OR yeah it'll be like me, Emily and Stef sitting in a room then we'll just have sex with her there or something LOL

    Em and Nathan yah! Sort of I'd rather explain it not on a vm thingy though if you wanna know more about it from my perspective at least.

    I just...need you Lauren make it work. What about our Dexter watching? :l can we still do that.
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