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  • Lauren. :3 I haven't signed on here in like forever so it's like weird but also nostalgic/emotional feeling. I'm so weird. I wish I could go to ACL and meet you there and stuff. I hope you can see Passion Pit, they're so good...though when I saw them the crowd was so full of ****s.
    I hope you're doing well and are really happy lately. I don't know how often you check this but I felt like leaving you a message here. I am totally in love with you.
    You know I had no idea what you were responding to. I had to come look on your page to see what I had written. Haha.
    Mine starts once this school day is over at 2:20! So it's close. Hopefully everyone will be able to get online together at some point all these stupid busy people :mad:
    I applied to just these local schools Canisius, Daemen, and UB. And then yeah Cornell! Cornell is my top choice but I'm not sure if I can get in or afford it but I'll see.

    So yeah some time over thanksgiving break some sort of video chatting must happen cause I miss you sooooo much. <3
    I'm finally finished applying to places actually for college and all! I applied to Cornell and a couple of local schools and one of them already got back to me that I've been accepted but it's basically my last choice out of all the schools I applied to but I'm glad I know I have the option.
    Applying and all that was really stressful though. -__- I took the SAT three times and two of the subject tests and the ACT and I'm just glad all of that is behind me forever and I never have to deal with it again. D:
    It really is a coincidence though because as of only like yesterday or a couple days ago I started to bother checking this site again.
    I miss you <3
    YEah, I made it all yellow in honour of being mod of the month and just haven't changed it back. Any suggestions for a new colour scheme?
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