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  • haha true! many people are jelous, im pretty sure about it. It is also true that for example, "up in the flames" is quite repetitive, but the album is great,
    Sjælvklart :) ær ganska besviken, faktiskt. Før mykke synther och ganska kaotiskt miksat. Annars ær låterna ok, med några udantag. Hadde hoppats på det der akustiska albumet dom lovade:/
    in chile.. mm i dont know lol, im from argentina :p. Most of them are good, but of course there's always a bad critic about it, even i had made some bad critics lol, but as i said.... most of them are.. positive :p
    Cool. I'm actually from Sweden too, I just live in Norway :) Not really, I haven't paid to much attention. Plus I'm not tht fussed about the album.
    haah yeah, they really match, i hve to admit it sounds great with rihanna on it... but still i would like to listen to it rihanna-less (??
    i've been listenitn to up with the birds 903485934 times a day, i just dont get tired of it, i love it! I didn't buy the cd today cause i ordered the pop up edition so... i'll wait until it arrives. But i do ahv it on the computer, and ah!! i needed new coldplay songs, i love it!! ♥
    exactly! i mean, the song is amazing, but its like i dont want anyone except them on their album, and rihanna's kind of voice it's not their type.. it's just so fdhguifhg it was one of their best songs...until rihanna showed up u.u but well, the rest of the album is great! Up with the birds its strange but i find it really nice
    waaaa!!! yees i'm so excisteeed! favourite song? it's hard to know.. i mean i love what i've heard until now, i mean, paradise, etiaw, CHARLIE BROWN!, etc.. etc..and im really intrigued of how may the other songs be. I really dont know what to expect from POC... Rihanna on the album? i don't like that, i mean i like her voice, she is a great singer and all that. But i dont want her on the album, you know? lol. What do you think about POC?
    ehm, that's difficult to sum it just up, but lets see, I also like some songs of David Guetta, I really like Shakira, I listen to lots of oriental music and Indian music (bollywood) because I really like that and I know much because of belly dancing, I like relaxing music. You know where you here some chords from a guitar or piano and very slowly. That's goot to chill or do your homework ;-) Oh, and what gets very close to that is film music. Do you know Hans Zimmer? He made the soundtrack for pirates of the caribbean. There I like many many soundtracks from different movies. I also like some classical songs, but a mix of some there.
    So, what about you?
    Wow, I didn't know that there was a Medieval game for Sims 3. I'll have to check this later. ;) Sounds like fun!
    I really like all the Harry Potter books. I've read them all and I started to read them in English since the release of the 5th book. I wasn't quite sure if I understood everything and I also read them in German afterwards of course.
    i'm glad to meet you Effie ^^ i picked that career..because.. yeah i dont know, it took me a while to choose what i wanted to study.When i realiced i wanted some kind of "design" i had a look at all of them, and see which one i liked the most :p
    wow really? that's amazing! i finished highschool last year, so now i'm in my first year at university studying for "industrial design". and you? :D
    I know the feeling is really awesome.
    I wish you luck for a concert in Sweden, but I think that they'll do that. They have been to Sweden during the VLVODAAHF tour, haven't they?

    my best friend and I decided to do a little more sport to get a better condition, 'cause I'm not that athletic.

    I like reading a lot of different books, but I really like stories from the past. At the moment I'm reading revelation and it plays during King Henry VIII reign. I love that time. I know that a lot of terrible things happened there but this time has something magical. The medieval age is one of my favourites. Do you know the Game of Thrones? the whole thing is called a song of ice and fire and the made a series out of the first book. So now I've bought the books, because I want to know how it continues.
    I'd like it to speak more than just two languages, but I had to fight very hard for English to learn it. I had an irish Turtor and I really love Enlgish, but I think without him I'd hate the language. Now I read a lot of books in English, I have a lot of programs on my computer that I changed into the English language to get closer to it. I watch many movies in English, too. My problem is that now that I'm out of our regulary school I don't REALLY have much contact to the language anymore. I'm doing an traineeship and in my school now we have English, but it's for 10 year old children. a bit present tense and progressive, but nothing sophisticating.
    Yes, I go to the one in Cologne. I'm so happy. we could start buying the tickets this morning. It was a pre sale, but there was a limit. 2 tickets for each. But we got our 4 tickets. my mother bought 2 and the other 2 my friend. I couldn't sit in front of my computer because I had school, but they sent me some sms and I was so excited when they said that they got the tickets.

    I like some of MX. I don't know all of them yet. I'll wait until they release the album, but every teardrop is a waterfall is a great live song. I don't like the record version that much, but coldplay had been to "rock am ring" in Germany and they played it there. I saw it on TV and it was great, awesome :wacky: :dance:
    Just can't wait for the concert. I really missed this feeling that I wait for a concert. My friend and I already made some plans what we definitely have to do before the concert. And there is not much time left. It's only in about 2 and a half months. That is not a very long time.
    Hey of course I remember you!! How could I forget you. But I haven't been online very often myself. I was jsut looking if I got any messages, but now there are new concert dates and ofcourse there is MX and I think I'll be online a little more. ;-)

    So, tell me how've you been?
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