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  • Guten Abend!!!
    Alles klar?
    Bin im Schulstress, jede Woche Klassenarbeiten, diese Woche 4! :disappointed:
    Bis bald! :hug:
    We need a Glasgow - Party thread.
    And a photo thread.
    Something new.

    There's some plans we have to make for the Lightbody-Group, I s'pose! :cheesy:
    oh, hey there Elena, nice to hear form you again :nice: did you have fun in amsterdam? oh, wait, that's a silly question :lol: of course you did, it's imposible not to have fun when you are at SP gig right? :nice:
    I'm doing ok now, feel much better than I did last week :nice: since school is over for me now, I have plenty of time to sleep, so I'm so much more alive now :) already had two exams (I have no idea how it went, but I hope I didn't fail) and two more are left :)

    I love my avatar too :awesome: Isn't Gary just gorgeous :nice:
    yeah, our orals sound so much better :stunned:
    there examiners? wow, it must cause a lot of pressure :stunned:

    oh, that sounds a lot like me, since I cant make up my mind too. and time is running :/

    aww...that must suck to go to the same class with your brother. I'd hate that xD

    I saw an interview from 2006 where Nathan said that he and Laura were going out together for 2 years, which mean that they have been together for 6 years now :thinking:
    Anyways, it's so awesome if they're engaged ^^
    I wish Gary would find someone for him, cause I want him to be happy :)

    Oh, and by the way, we did manage to go by the sea yeaterday. the weather got better :)
    oh, wait, you already said that you're graduating too. sorry :/ I'm still sleeping, though I did sleep for almost 12 hours tonight but I just can't get enough. I'm exhausted :/ anyways, so you aren't decided what you want to study too?
    I think we're gonna be ok though :nice:

    it is ok to be 19 in high school :) a lot of my friends are 19. they were 19 when I was 17 xD I'm the youngest in my class. I've always been like that, cause I started to go to school when I was 6 while everybody else started when they were 7 :) So I'm used to be the youngest.

    ok now thats confusing xDD First of all, "Ilione" could be a name (I mean why not xDD) then it says "Mary" under Ilione, but it appears that you're name is Elena xD

    wait, Laura and Nathan are engaged?. I thought that she was just Nathan's girlfriend. Awesome! :awesome:
    ok, now that weird :thinking: all our orals are in language :thinking: we get a topic, like "working in foreign countries", "poetry day in school" and stuff like that. first there is a monolog and then there is a dialog with your partner o_O you have about 15mins to prepare and you have to talk spontaneously. :thinking:
    we do have religious education. we had it last year. but it's a very boring lesson, we only watched movies and chatted :thinking: no one took that lesson seriously. and we definately didn't heave any test or orals of that lesson ;O

    awww...it's so awesome for you :awesome: you're damn lucky. oh wait, I already said that. nevermind, I'm gonna keep saying that x) LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY

    I think we gonna end up going nowhere (staying at home studying for exam) or just spontaneously going to someone's house or a simple café. better that nothing though :nice:
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