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  • Okay now you've killed me. :stunned:
    This is something I never expected to hear but it makes me so happy! :dance: You're so lovely! :hug: Thanks.
    What's your name by the way? Mine is Bianca. :)
    Thank you miss !! :) How are you ? so I'm Guillaume 23 years old I'm from Le Mans in France ^^ talk to you soon :) à bientôt !
    Yes, I have a french exam this semester and I don't know any french...well I do but I don't you what I mean :p?
    I try my hardest not to think about them, and additionally to the exams I'm going to have 2 big projects in my classes :confused:
    Lol for some reason I don't know why I thought you were a fall person like born in fall ( I don't know why :stunned: :p)
    Nice, have fun doing nothing :nice: exams suck I have mine in June, I'm actually kind of scared :confused: but good luck on them anyways :D
    Thanks :D lol when is your birthday?
    Hi :D, ohh vacation that's great :), I'm very good thank you, what about you?
    I have to wait till summer for my next vacation, another thing to look forward to is my birthday in june :p, and of course the coldplay concert :D.
    Thanks Happy Easter to you too, my mom decided to take my little sister to an egg hunt at this farm and I came along, it was so funny but now i'm kinda itching from all the hay :confused::p
    Wooohooo Guy R. Berryman aka Mr. I'm a big boy now because I've just turned 31:D<3
    Thank you , your is really nice also, and just love that picture of Guy :p
    Vomiting is not good :laugh3:
    I do that too lol, always listen to the same station in the car, because my parents say they're sick and tired of listening to coldplay cds all the time, so I always hope they'll play some songs on the radio :p
    :D Your friend must be pretty awesome, my friends like coldplay but not as much so sometimes I guess they get a little annoyed with me because I ALWAYS somehow refer to them:p.
    lol I saw a girl wearing a VLV t-shirt in my school on a band t-shirt day, :stunned: I thought it'd be too weird to just come up to her and ask her what her name was because she's not in my grade so I had to ask and ask people if anyone knew her, but no one did :(, so I didn't get to meet her, oh well I will someday maybe she'll be at the concert :p
    Oh what also got me really excited was that on Virgin radio they did like an add, and they had all these artist say" hey i'm blah blah blah", AND they did one for coldplay :D so it was something like "I'm Chris, I'm Guy, I'm Jonny and I'm Will and we're coldplay" I think, and I was really sick that day and just randomly yelled OMG, and my dad thought something happened to me :p, but that add made my day :p
    Yeah true that -_-, there's also the possibility that they're being lazy and don't want to come themselfs... which is prolly not true either :p
    WAIT is there such thing as Good Monday :inquisitive:
    Lucky :p, it snowed again today but I think it's all gonna start melting tomorrow :).
    I really want to go somewhere really warm though:\
    The game was awesome :D, Jays won 12-5:dance:
    Yes, I was so excited today I started singing "Take me out to the ball game" in my english class,
    just an advice don't do it,unless you're at the actaul game, people WILL give you weird looks :p, but I didn't care though hehehe.
    I love watching the live videos, especially from 2003 in Toronto, the videos they were supposed to make into a DVD :(,
    they always make me extra excited, so I'm really looking forward to the concert, I heard from my friend,she went to the concert last year,
    that's there's going to be so much stuff
    and that's it going to be really amazing,
    But the Yellow Balls Rock :p
    the bad thing about today was though that it snowed IN APRIL :(
    Hello :) How are you ?
    The picture is really awesome :D, thanks again, lol yeahh I do hope it's there forever.
    Btw don't know if you watch baseball lol, but home opener's tonight,sooo excited :p

    P.S. Go Jays :p
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