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  • "I love ssaying the state name= MassachusettsMassachusttesMassachusettes , sorry. Yeah I love Toronto too "

    :shame: I just realized I posted that on my own wall

    Anyways Hi
    Oh I see. Yeah exams and summatives kill :p
    Yeah I just want it to be summer :D, it's supposed to be really hot this week starting wednesday I think?
    Yea I did I love it :D, pretty much amazing :)
    I'm good thanks. I have exams in a month, you're really lucky youre finished now. Good thing it's a long weekend though. I'm actually really tire right now :p
    Hey!!! :D
    I'm very good just a little tired I had a though day today,
    last night I had to go to bed really late becauseI had to finish my english essay stuff,
    and today waking up early in the morning and just the whole day was so boring I almost fell asleep in my french class no joke
    and just came back from the baseball practice, and it was quite hot outside too... which reminds me it's finally warm !What about you?
    (too bad though it's going to rain again tomorrow:p)
    It kind of sucks that your vacation is over, but that's okay you're right 2 more month to go and then we can do whatever we want :cool::D
    So I'm really excited and looking forward to the summer :nice:
    English is one of my favourites as well but as you can imagine out English classes are really different. Not so much about analysing. ;) Actually my favourite subject is Latin. :)
    Do you learn any foreign languages?
    Yes, I have been to one last year. What about you?
    And even if they indeed did only listen to three Coldplay songs, there are no three singles of them sounding the same. This are just people who hate Coldplay in general. :rolleyes:
    My friends often tell me they don't know Coldplay and never have heard a single song of them, not even Viva La Vida. But if I show them Trouble, Clocks or In My Place they all go like 'Ooooooh, THAT'S Coldplay? Wow, I really like that song, but I didn't know it was one of theirs!'
    I know, all their songs are great, very different but great. And I hate people saying Coldplay songs always sound the same. Well, at least in one point they sound the same: they sound brilliant. :D
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