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  • Hey! We're trending "9 days till Will's birthday" today on twitter at 9 PM London time. Please help us make it happen and spread the word. Thanks :D xoxo
    Hi! Sorry that I didn´t answer You before the Cologne concert. I must have overread it somehow. I hope You had a great time! Cheers! Frank
    That´s wonderful, hope to see you!:)
    I´ll be there about 12-12.30h, and hope that the weather
    is not to bad!
    What´s your name???

    See you tomorrow!;)
    I believe there are several gates :thinking: Just pick out one that you like the most :p

    Oh and bring an umbrella or something, it's gonna rain the whole day (said the weather man) :dozey:
    OH, well, stupid me! XD
    Again, NO idea, but I'll drive right back home after the concert, I have no time for walking around the city! D:

    Yes, see you there, I believe we'll all have a fantastic time! :dance:
    Wow, that's a long way then, but it's SO worth it! :D
    Yay, we will watch out for you then, this is gonna be fun! :dance:

    No we're not from Cologne, but don't worry about hotels, I believe there are TONS of it. Just use googlemaps or something to look around the area to find hotels, I justed looked for fun and found these two cheap ones:

    Just look around a bit :nice:
    I will be there somewhere around 10am I believe, and I'm going with my best friend! :dance: So if you see two girls (with one of them being taller, that's me :p) wearing green waistcoats, that's us! :lol:

    Where are you from then? :nice:
    Unfortunately I had to sell my ticket, because I have to finish my master thesis on Thursday and Friday. This is the only way I can graduate this year. But luckily I will be attending the Rotterdam concert :)
    But I won't be going to Cologne. Have fun though ;)
    Oui je suis plus ou moins devenue addict à Coldplaying en plus de Coldplay :lol:
    Non malheureusement demain je n'y vais pas. Parcontre je sais que Clairounette y va. Si tu veux des infos ou quoique ce soit tu peux aussi aller voir sur le thread correspondant au concert, ou dans la zone française si tu préfères parler français :)
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