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  • hahahahh Big haircut :laugh3: :laugh3:
    And I wish you a very merry Christmas and an awesome new year filled with joy and great music :wacky: :nice:
    So you haven't seen season 6 yet? :stunned:
    Well then you're in for a treat :laugh3: :wacky:
    Omg I love Andy Bernard a.k.a THE NARD DOG :lol: I love everyone really :heart: Like Big Tuna :awesome: :laugh3: And Dwight K Schrute :heart: ahah! :laugh3:
    I can't decide which episode is my favorite one yet though :thinking: They are all so hilarious! :laugh3:
    The Office is like my favorite show ever :wacky:
    I've got all of the episodes, and I think I've seen them all like 4567890567987654 times :lol:
    "When I said that I was king of forwards, you got to understand that I don't come up with this stuff. I just forward it along. You wouldn't arrest a guy who was just passing drugs from one guy to another." - Michael Scott.
    :laugh3: :laugh3:
    Ahhh yahhh :bomb::bomb::bomb: Electric Eye is so trippy i love it! :dizzy:
    So true... I almost consider it 2 songs in one since that is what it feels like, but the transitions are done to well that they can pull it off as one song!
    We've been hearing some news of a Christmas pressie they are working on for us... i hope it's true! :bomb:
    Hey you joined the Apparatjik forum! :hug: welcome and i totally remember you over here... you love Philly too! :blush:

    You will have to remind me of your first name again though :nice:
    Mine is Liz...
    Just a reminder to tell you to remember to do your video/picture/or recording of Yellow for the Coldplay Project Group if you haven't already done so. Email it to Brooke(coldplayisawesome) at [email protected] ASAP. Thanks. :D
    Yah, all those pics were amazing! :wacky: Pretty much made my night even better!
    Oh gawd....Philly in uniform :dead: That heartbreaker!

    I'm about to go to bed....it's been a long day, my best friend got married today and I was in her wedding though....:nice: Such an epic day in so many ways! :dance:
    Talk to you tom. :heart:
    Good luck getting your crappy hw done too
    Hey, what's up with you lately?

    I can't stop laughing from seeing Phil in that get - up with the 'Queen' in the blog :laugh3: right now!
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