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  • There has to be a 3rd season!! :| They can't leave the show like that! Freddie can't die :( I thought it was so funny, Q was always one of my favorite characters in 007 :awesome: very glad it was him who played it!
    Would you allow me say everywhere? Of course I'd like to visit to London. It seems there are a lot of chances to bump into actors I like. :lol: I want to sit in the theater and watch Ben Whishaw/Tom Hiddleston/Andrew Scott play on stage if I have money to buy tickets. :dazzled:

    I have a plan: After I graduate from college and earn enough money, I want to apply CSV. I'm sure I will know more about UK at that time. :awesome:

    Hope you have a fantastic Christmas break! :nice: (my final exams are coming. :smart:
    Yes! I almost died while watching the last episode...:eek: It was a great episode, but kind of horrible and cruel at the same time :p I saw him in Cloud Atlas and Skyfall too, he was so brilliant!! :dazzled:
    Ohhh we have something in common. :lol:
    Not too bad thank you :) My final exam is on 14-18 January. Then Chinese New Year comes at February. Three weeks maybe.

    Good luck for your exams!

    I can't agree with you more. :dazzled: Ben is really good at acting. You should try to watch Criminal Justice. It's great. But it's heavy. Or listen to Cock by Ben and Andrew Scott. :awesome:

    I'd really love to visit UK (in the future). It's the dream place for me. :p
    Really? Aw, what a shame. I'll try to catch up on all the episodes I missed.

    I liked it, I think it's worth a watch :smiley:

    Also, hi :wacko: I'm Dee. What other music/TV shows do you like?
    Sorry for replying late. (I don't know why I have no time to do this. :\)

    My favourites are Sherlock, House, The Hour, etc. CSI isn't interesting at any more. I used to love watching it. Actually if the show is starring by my favorite actors, I usually love the film/TV series. :lol:

    OMG when did you change the profile pic? Ben Whishaw is awesome. :dazzled: My blog is full of him. :p

    How are you? :)
    Oooh to be honest I don't think Merlin is that great of a show but I love watching it to drool over him and Bradley James :disappointed:

    I've seen a few of his films though, like Parked, good stuff :surprised:

    Sorry about the immensely late reply, this is very typical of me
    Okay I will try if I have time to download them. :p

    I get it. And I've already had War Horse in my computer. I really want to ask my cousin to watch it with me. :laugh3: They love to watch Japanese cartoons, by the way. :confused:

    Do you have a list of your favorite tv shows? I'd like to see it. :blush: Now I finished watching House season 1. It's really worth watching. I hope I have a lot of time to watch them all. :)

    Did you watch The Hour before? It's awesome although no Tom Hiddleston and Benedict Cumberbatch. But there are Ben Whishaw and Andrew Scott. :dazzled:

    Recently I may watch Return to Cranford. I hope I can totally understand the plot because I didn't watch Cranford. Yeah I just want to watch Tom Hiddleston. :blush:
    Colin Morgan is so young. I think I won't watch it because it has too many episodes. :thinking:

    haha really. I borrow The Art of Thor and Thor. Well, Loki is really charming. Will you be excited about Thor 2? I hope Thor 2 will be better than Thor.

    War Horse is a film? I'd like to watch it. shh I'm doing illegal thing. :lipsrsealed2:

    Although I don't have Christmas holiday, I have Chinese New Year holiday between January and February. It's complicated to explain. :sick:

    I'm back to read and finish my homework. Do you know a book called "Word Power Made Easy"? That's sucks. I don't like to memorize suffix, root,.. They are really boring. The only good thing is that it made me realize what House said. That's all. Do you like House M.D.? :cool:
    I don't know why I'm busy too. :sick: You change the profile pic! Who's he? :lol:

    I've already finished watching The Hollow Crown. Why Henry died so fast? I know in the history he died when he was young. By the way, I found the British history book in the library. The book is written in English not Chinese. I will borrow it one day. :laugh3:

    I hope this year will end with high speed because I want to quit this job and find another job in next summer. (We don't have Christmas holiday. :sick:)
    Sorry, , my English is poor. :lol: So, you start a new semester of college? I start it next week too. I hope the class I chose the teacher is good. I mean I hope I can understand what the teacher said. :p

    Yeah, that's really good.

    Today Henry part 2 I watched. Not finished yet.
    So, your college begins at December? Would you mind to tell me what's you're major?

    YEAHHHHHH :blush:

    Today I watched Richard II. I felt a little sad for him. :| By the way, the whole play is almost the same with Shakespeare's work. :rolleyes:
    I see. :)

    Not bad. But when I am working, I want to die or hide. It's my first part-time job, and many details in it. :bomb:

    Why Tom Hiddleston is so charming? I can't help but think of him. And his smile is killing me. :lol: :dazzled:
    Thank you! :nice: Would it be better if I read Shakespeare's work first? I'm afraid that I don't know what they act. :stunned:

    I decide to borrow them from the library tomorrow. :lol: I'm a fresher in this year, and major in English. So, I think I can't escape from Shakespeare. :laugh3:

    After reading them, I can finally see Tom Hiddleston in it! Oh, but it may take two weeks at least. :nod:

    How are you? :rolleyes:
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