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  • Hey je viens seulement de voir ton message sur mon profil (je ne le consulte pas souvent) ! J'ai moi aussi commencé à les voir à Bercy en 2005, depuis je n'ai pas loupé un de leur passage à Paris (concerts ou TV) et je suis allée les voir dans d'autres villes.
    Ca aurait été génial de les voir en Argentine, le public est si bon là bas !!
    Je n'ai pas eu de nouvelles pour le bénévolat Oxfam à Boston :( Je pense que je vais renvoyer un mail pour voir car le concert approche quand même !
    Bonne continuation !
    Hi!I'm quite boring these days since our school took a long holiday and I have to stay in school wating my voluntary work.
    And how are you?You seems busy from Monday to Friday,don't you?I kind of missing those days as busy as bees.I'm tired of this boring life:(
    That's great!!I'm glad you liked Greece ;) Barcelona must be very beautiful, right?With great architecture...How long have you been living there?
    It was nice talking to you and thank you too :)
    Salut Guillame :) Ça va bien! Et toi? J'aime les français. But I don't speak well...I'd love to learn though. Are you from France but you live in Barcelona? Because your name is french, right?I admired them as a band since 2006 but I didn't know much about them... I knew clocks, green eyes, trouble, and don't panic a few years before that. I became a HUGE fan of them in 2008. That's when I decided to learn more about them and I literally fell in love with all of them! They're amazing guys and very talented musicians :happy: Really? You've been in Greece?Where? Great! Did you like it? I've never been in Spain neither France. My parents and one of my older sisters went to Paris. My dad used to live there when he was young.
    I posted it on a wrong place before...it's embarrassing.Seems like I should know this forum better.

    Anyway...Hola!I hope you can pay a visit to China one day,since this is a big country,you can see tropical landscape as well as a world of ice and snow in the same time.Hope you bring enough cloth.XD And I've been to France when I was 14.Beautiful beautiful country!I still can remember the grassland in front of the Eiffel Tower,it's so soft and people sit on there theyre eating,talking,sunbathing.Its like another whole world I've never seen.But I'm so regret I was too young to go to france,to the Europe cause I didn't buy any stunning cloth or perfume.So sad:(
    Since I want go to your hometown again,and you want to come to china,why won't we swap our soul like the movie "it's a boy girl thing" does!It can save lots of ticket money.LOL
    See you soon bye~
    Sabía que me acordaba! También me encantan The Beatles! Los empecé a escuchar una vez entrada en mis 20 años. Que bueno que pudiste ver un show de MX Tour! Yo por suerte fuí a verlos en Rock In Rio en Brasil, así que aunque no formaba parte del MX Tour oficial, sí los pude ver y ahora estoy esperando poder verlos si vuelven a Argentina. Que lindo lo de ser voluntario para Oxfam, acá no hacen ese tipo de cosas pero leí sobre muchos fans de Europa que han ido a shows como voluntarios. Sí, por suerte los pude ver en River en 2010, fue increíble! Quiero que anuncien pronto el Tour por América Latina.
    Hola Guille! Así que sos francés? Alors, on peut parler en français! J'ai vécu en France pendant 6 ans pour étudier. Volví a la Argentina hace dos años. Soy un poco más vieja que vos, tengo 30 años. Coldplay también es una de mis bandas favoritas. El último disco no me gustó mucho, pero me siguen gustando en vivo. Un beso grande y hablamos pronto. Salut!
    Hola Guillaume! Yo también tengo 26 años. Creo que te ví posteando en el thread de Argentina, verdad? A mi también me gusta mucho Coldplay, son mis favoritos, pero también me gustan otras bandas como Arcade Fire, Muse y Death Cab For Cutie ¿ Qué otros artistas te gustan a vos? Lástima que Coldplay no tiene conciertos en Barcelona, pero sí en Madrid ¿ Fuiste a verlos?
    Hello Guillaume!I'm superised that you can spell Chinese character!I'm still a college student in China and I speak poor English,so please forgive me.I became their fan just few months ago.But I really mad in love with them.
    Now it's 10:34pm in China, so I'd better go to sleep.Talk to you another day~NICE TO MEET YOU!XX
    I'm jealous you live in Barcelona! I want to visit there so badly. And I'm planning to see the guys three times this tour, and more if I'm lucky. When will you be seeing them?
    A course tomorrow involving Zumba (dance), the 5 Tibetans, Pilates and a lecture about traumas (the body never forgets).
    Jeg har det fint, tak. I am fine TY. Have a nice Saturday evening & Sunday / Hav en god lørdag aften og Søndag.
    I'm doing great, thanks for asking! =)
    I did see them last night and they were amazing! Eventhough the setlist was pretty much the same as the festivals, which was the only down side. The crowd, atmosphere and the boys did really well.
    Hope that the will visit Barca soon! I love that city =)
    hey ! ça va ? Enfaite je suis allé au concert de Coldplay à Bercy ! J'ai eu ma place une semaine avant graçe à ce forum ! C'était trop bien ! Je pense que je n'oublirais jamais!
    Salut salut :) ça va et toi ? je ne savais pas que tu parlais français! :D bon courage pour ton travail alors haha ! a+
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