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    Share an article that interested you today

    I am doing a presentation for my english class where I am supposed to convince the others that Ipads aren't bad for, this article interested me today: Are iPads and tablets bad for young children?
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    Prince Myshkin buys your love (with pizza or something else)

    I'm in! I'd actually prefer a book, since that website doesn't work in my country and I'm not a big pizza fan anyway and I'm studying English where I should read a lit of English stuff.
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    Self Improvement Thread

    to exercise more. There is nothing besides that, that I have neglected more within the past months, and it is interesting that I feel worse now, because of my back.....
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    Do you prefer being..

    Thanks! :wacko:
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    Do you prefer being..

    well, I've always been single, but I can't say that I prefer being single though I am not depressed....I'm happy with my life and if there is someone who wants to be with me then it will make me even happier! I'm having a date on thursday (probably) and it is the first time that I got to know...
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    How will you remember Reilly?

    Haha (yeah I know this is a bad situation) But all these threads make you think somebody died. The internet is incredibly big and there are so many ways you could keep in touch with him. You could even create a new board since most of the people who will miss him so much are not even here...
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    Nick, I did! But you are gone
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    Pictures, webcams, mugshots etc etc etc

    hahaha I want to join this, as well!
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    what happened?
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    Relationship age difference

    Does he know that you reported him, Greg? edit: We are so off-topic, now :disappointed:
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    Relationship age difference

    Oh, really?
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    Pimps come in: "Venus in fur", my first jukebox condom shop

    haha yeah! And the music gets louder, as well :nice:
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    Pimps come in: "Venus in fur", my first jukebox condom shop

    ok.....which songs should they play?
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    Does Coldplaying Still Do Alias Day?

    the first alias day was definitely the best!
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    Listening Party

    haha...I bet they're all coming :o