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  • danke für s recommenden! hast ja neulich schonmal MIT erwähnt im apparat - moderat/selektor... thread..
    werd mir am wochenende mal zeit nehmen in MIT und me succeeds reinzuhören..
    hab mir jetz jeweils ein album besorgt..
    have a nice weekend! =)
    Studying operas? That sounds...complicated :thinking: You should go get crazy, jules :bomb: study tomorrow haha hm naa maybe you need to study after all :anxious:

    I'm sitting in my friend Nadja's bed at the moment :nice: were a group of friends here who are talking and drinking. We're actually listening to Ska Skank Down The Party right now :awesome: woop! I think we're going out soon, to a pub or something :nice:.
    hey, I sent you a friend request on last.fm. So in case you're wondering who the hell "Souchanishka" is, that's me :p.
    That sounds like it must've been cool and fun.

    My new year was just like pretty much every new year. I stayed at home with family, had a nice dinner, watched The Twilight Zone marathon, and then the ball drop. Also I cannot forget I had a few liquid refreshments too! :p

    hahaha okay :p

    Cool! Let me know when you'll be hosting one and I'll try to make it.
    Happy New Year Jules! :)
    How was yours? Do anything special?

    So have you had any more dreams about me? Was I saving the world or on a mission again? :lol:

    Was macht eigentlich dein Rücken?
    Is schon besser? :hug:

    Faszinierend, es gibt echt alles im Internet, sogar ne Anleitung, wie man ne Brezel aufschneidet :facepalm: Unfassbar.

    Muss jetzt mal ins Bett, will noch mein Buch fertiglesen. :escaping3:
    Gute Nacht!! :kiss:
    Dood I think it's pretty cool that you dont play the guitar or piano or whatever caue everyone does that :wacky:. Go Julzer :cool3:

    Rawwwr I'll teach you all about sausage stuffing :wink3:

    uuh wut :wreck: why did I say that??

    Lul our old car was dug out from the snow by my parents today cause my brother was gonna use it and the car was like an igloo haha. It hadnt been used in so long so it was like a big pile of snow. Poor car.
    Aww sounds like cute earrings :awesome: (which is why I stole them :anxious: )

    Ahh that sounds nice, I really like doing that too (lying on the couch listening to music), preferable with my eyes closed haha. I always think a lot about random stuff when I do that.

    Did you have a nice time at the restaurant and at your grandparents's? I had a pretty good time at my grandmother' anyway eventhough it was a bit awkward to meet all my relatives. It's a shame cause I dont get to see them very often so it's a aways like that when we do meet. Everyone's so polite and it's smalltalk x598745 :wacky: not so much fun. I still like seeing them though :wacky:.
    Hahaha ... damit würde ich aber weniges auffallen als mit meinen blonden Haaren und meinen blauen Augen. :shame:

    Bah ... dann nehm dir ein bisschen Alkohol mit und trink dir kurz vor Schluss etwas Mut an. :wacky:

    Ich weiß es noch nicht so genau, aber wir gehen auf jeden Fall in die Stadt. :awesome:
    Werde mir nächstes Jahr 6 Monate lang "You're such a girly girl", "You and your pink stuff" etc. anhören dürfen. :lol:

    Oh okay, das ist gut. :wacky:
    Das kann ich mir vorstellen. :hug: Bald hast du deine Ausbildung doch aber auch geschafft, oder? Eigentlich müsstest du ja deinem Chef noch was tolles an den Kopf werfen, wenn du gehst. :wacky:

    Eine Freundin kommt am Donnerstag ... habe sie seit August nicht mehr gesehen ... und dann geht's ab. :drunk:
    Haha, da kennst du mich zu gut. :shame:

    Also keine Schmerzen mehr? Gehst du denn noch irgendwie zur Therapie?

    Bei mir kann jetzt Sylvester kommen ... :drunk: ... muss Donnerstag aber nochmal arbeiten. :disappointed:
    Haha, das mit den zwei Stiften ist mir erst jetzt aufgefallen. :awesome:
    Macht überhaupt nichts und ich liebe die Karte trotzdem.

    Ich hoffe du hattest auch ein schönes Weihnachten. :hug:
    Julzer :cool3: that sounds like a lady version of a macho man :awesome: I mean :charming:

    Hm well yeah so do we :wacko: but for me it always feels like it's over when christmas eve has come and gone. My family is going to my grandmother's tomorrow for this little "get-together" with all my relatives though. It's become a sort of an tradition so we do it ever year :nice:.

    Aww stupid snow! How much snow have you got over there? I read today in the paper that some trains that were going from Gothenburg up north in sweden were stuck somewhere along the tracks for 8 hours :freak:. Like the passangers had to celebrate christmas even on a train :disappointed:. Poor peeps.
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