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  • Hi there!

    My name is Nick, and as a fellow member of Simon's committee, I feel I should get to know you (I already know all the other members;))

    So how are you doing?
    Ha, I would actually like to change it to Monday now ;), You name a time and I will try and fit it in to suit everyone ;)
    Thanks alot,
    Hey I have announced you as part of The Coldplaying Committee! ;), Go On and introduce yourself or something ;), Thanks again,
    feliz navidad - merry christmas - joyeux noël - bom natal - happy holidays

    :elf: :santa2:

    let the sun shine brigther all next days.
    deja brillar el sol todos los días.

    let your place get full with love and peace.
    deja que tu hogar se llene de amor y paz.

    i hope all your wishes will come true this year.
    espero que todos tus deseos se hagan reales este año.
    Aww thnks Julia, you're the sweetest :kiss: But i'm a total mess when it comes to serious relationships, i think i've only had 2 in my whole life and both turned out pretty bad in the end that's why i prefered no strings attached so i wouldnt end up with a broken heart but we'll see, i'm so totally afraid to fall for this girl and go through the same thing all over again :bigcry:
    Haaha with the same girl, i really like her and i so don't wanna mess thing up but i haven't said anything to her yet, we're just going out as friends but that's good enough for now and we were supposed to go to the movies but iw as late this time and the movies had started like 20 mins ago so we decided to go somewhere else so we went walking eating some ice creams and then to some restaurant, it was nice :nice:

    And wow, i think i'm taking this seriously cos i havent had more one night stands since i met her hahaha :eek:
    Really? Yay, that's great! I used to work in a music store during summers when i was 18 or 19 , i always had sooo much fun (especially cos i'm a music freak haha) Then moved on to surf shops ahh good old times :dance:

    Oh i'm doing just fine, enjoying my day off and happy cos my date last night went so well , don't wanna keep my hopes up so soon but we'll see :blush:
    welcome i didn't do any photoshop because i don't really want to change it its so perfect originally only without changes.
    i really liked this tour of coldplay because they have some amazing things like butterlies this time. last time i am not on floor but chris's side of the stage so i am just able to get one butterfly but this time i'll get a whole bunch of them in a bag.
    get some butterflies too! i will definitely getting them when i will see them in Philadelphia in november because i am on floor.
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