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  • That's for sure, if it wasn't for one night stands then my last serious relationship would've worked so i pretty much stopped doing that for good.But please, don't try that Jules.. it leaves ya pretty hollow and with a cold heart in the end. Besides i think its so awesome that you're waiting for your special one cos that's totally rare nowadays and just show how special you really are :D Ahh indeed true love waits!How i love that song :bigcry:

    Ahh really? that's good! It's great when you can actually hang out with couples and still be part of that as friends but it sucks when they're all over each other and you just have to look at them or try talking to yourself hoping you can go back home as soon as you can. But i'm still glad you had some fun jules!

    Aww don't worry about that jules, i looove reading all your stories! :kiss:

    Ahhh i so know what you mean! I'm immersed into radiohead and the song of the day is house of cards " i don't wanna be your friend, i just wanna be your lover..no matter how it end.. no matter how it starts"aww :bigcry:

    Schau mal auf ARTE rein (TV-Sender, falls Du den empfangen kannst), da läuft gerade ein Konzert mit James Morrison!!! :)
    Ah so true and i hope you don't have one those one night stands cos they pretty much messed up my last serious relationship. To make a long story short, i had an awful break up a few years ago and that time iwas actually in love for teh first time in my life and it was so painful when she dumped me so in a way to recover some self esteem or just have some sort of "affection" to call it a way, I started having one night stands but always left me kinda empty but at least no feelings were involved and i wouldnt get hurt again so i guess all that took its tool on me because i became pretty cold as if i was unable to open up to anyone again. Now i've given up that life but i don't have a real relationship anymore so i just feel lonely and it sucks but that's life, right?

    Ahhh! I so know what you mean! That happendd to me before and it was the worst feeling ever, i just wanted to disappear btu had to deal with it. Going out with mates who are dating and you don't have a date to go with is a very bad idea, i also learned that the hard way :disappointed:

    I really really really wanted to go but i couldn't find tickets and they were all sold out after 2 days ( the best seats at least) and i just didnt have enough time to save for money and all, this sucks :bigcry:

    So random but i'm totally addicted to motion picture soundtrack by rh, i guess i could relate to the lyrics so much back then " red wine and sleeping pills, help me get back to your arms.. cheap sex and sad films , help me get back where i belong" :bigcry:
    Oh they are? whoa! Aww i know how you must feel and i've been there too but hey i'ts great we can talk about these things, i feel less alone now haha

    And yesh you do that! I've been listening jeff buckley and radiohead all day long , especially "last goodbye" by jeff and "i want none of this" by rh :bigcry:
    Exactly! I hate it when someone tells me how important i am for her and the very next day she forgets or just says " oh man, sorry i was drunk last night and talked non-sense, don't mind me ". Aww Jules don't feel bad for that, i guess we all look for that sometimes at parties. I used to go to parties all the time with the only purpose to hook up with a girl and have a meaningless one night stand maybe cos that was the best way to have some sort of " affection" but it always left me empty in the inside and that affected me a lot when i finally got a chance to have something serious with a nice girl. :disappointed:

    Ahh that makes 2 of us now cos sometime i feel music is my everything and my escace from reality, especially now that i'm feelign blue again and still so addicted to radiohead ahhh last night i went to bed around midnight listening ok computer in my room all alone and in the dark and it was sublime!Exit music and let down sent shivers down my spine and i soooo could relate to the lyrics :bigcry:

    But hey, we're not pathetic cos even mr morrison felt the same way " Well, the music is your special friend..dance on fire as it intends..music is your only friend ..until the end"

    Ahhh i want to see the doors again!They were fantastic! :bigcry: And nope, i've never seen thme live and radiohead will play on this side of the world next month but they wont come here and i wanted to go to chile but i couldn't find tickets, just my luck :bigcry:
    Totally, i miss having all that and its depressing when you don't have it and it seems all the rest have that, gah! But hey, i'm pretty sure we'd have our chance sometime soon or we'll die trying haha. Oh you're right! I think i prefer a chat with someone sober telling me what they think of me rather than when they are drunk cos they tend to forget what they said the next day.

    Ahh i knooow, i'm addicted to radiohead right now, its my drug and also jeff buckley, that man was a genius and his songs just blow me away and i wish he was still alive :bigcry:
    This might sound silly but i think i'm getting moe attache to music that ever, its like when even your friends turn their back on you( well not cos they're mean but because they have other things to do like spending time with their bfs/gfs)yous till can count on music. At least that's how it is for me, i'm such a pathetic little person haha

    Aww you're the best jules! :kiss: I'll make sure to get a pink hat for real now :wacko:

    And wow!! Ihavent watched that movie! I need anything related to the doors! :dead:

    Random but it's gonna be a year since i saw the doors live, without mr morrison but they still rocked :eek:
    oh don't worry, itys not you, its just that guys dont do that..well i do that but only when i'm really drunk and i really like a girl haha. Aww don't feel sad jules, that happened to me a lot too and it sucks, its like the whole world is dating and you're the only one alone and it really sucks cos you just want to have someone who cares about you and tell that person how was your day and how much you missed her and stuff like that or just cuddling but when you see everyone else having that and not you, then you start wondering what's wrong with you. Or maybe that just happens to me but its an awful feeling, it was way worse on valentine's day :bigcry:

    Haha you do that too? it's awesoem isn't it? I love listening radiohead songs in the dark, gives me this feeling of being high but with music only, its surreal :wacko:

    Ahh really? I bet that guy played it for you! One gets more inspired when they have a pretty lady as yourself listening :p

    Hahaha ok, i will and i'm on my way. I'll be wearing an orange jumper and a pink hat, you can't miss me! :wacky:
    Ahhh i wouldnt know cos i'm always the one approaching girls and not the other way around but i get what you're saying :p Maybe you are totally sued to hang out with mates that you unconciously think they want to be friends only an arent really interested in something more than friends ( unless a guy said" hey i really like you and you're so pretty, wanna go out with me?" haha) Aww i guess i'm single too, maybe we should start a club or a committee hahaha :wacko:

    Whoa! are you kidding me? i've been listening that song like non.stop for the last 2 days, i was actually playing it on guitar too and looove it!It's funny how radiohead fits my mood when i'm down, make me love them more and gives new meaning to their songs cos i can twist them and make them fit what i'm currently feeling like, nude, true love waits and videotape :bigcry:

    hahaha i kght do that and damn! wish you worked i a music shop near here so i could drop by , play a bit and then wait for you to go out to drink some coffee or something :p
    Ahh i see but hey you're an awesome girl with great music taste and akiller personality not to mention how pretty you are so i still can't belive you're single but i'm pretty sure it'll be worth the wait and you'll be super happy when that happens and hey maybe this is it and this guy can be the one :dance:

    Hahaha i think i'm gonna go to a music shop and check the guitars, that always cheers me up :p
    Awww we're on the same boat jules :bigcry: I think my ex has feelings for her ex and even though we're only friends now i got so jealous and dont know how to deal with it :bigcry:
    But hey, you shoudll totally go for it, i mean if you like that guy and think it might work out then why not :D

    Ahhh danke!!! and yesh! it's such a sad song and i've been listening to it over and over again last night , the other line i loved was " and if i could be who you wanted, if i could be who you wanted.. all the time...all the time" Oh man, i'm depressed again :bigcry:
    Juleeees, i'm in such a sadish and radiohead mood right now and i need your help, how would i say " she looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing...my fake plastic love" in german? I just want a cool siggy that not eveyone can understand and shame on me cos i used to speak a little bit of german but i totally forgot by now haha :p
    Hey I was just looking through the German forum and I saw your post :) I really like your avi picture, where did you get that from? Guy is fantastic >.<
    Wollte mich nur bei Dir abmelden ...
    Muss jetzt in die Heia, endlich mal 'früh' ins Bett. Ich verbringe einfach zu viel Zeit hier :laugh3:

    Wundere Dich also nicht, wenn ich auf Deinen Thread heute nix mehr schreibe.

    Drücke Dir aber die Daumen und hoffe, dass Du trotzdem mit allem klarkommst.
    Vielleicht ist es erstmal 'erträglich', dass Du diesen Mistkerl nur einmal die Woche sehen musst?!

    Kündigen würde ich aber auch nur im Notfall, denn dann bist Du auf der schlechteren Seite (Arbeitslosengeld usw.).
    Erkundige Dich bei der Handelskammer. Vielleicht können die Dir sogar einen anderen Laden nennen, wo Du Deine Ausbildung fortführen kannst ...

    Wünsche Dir gaaaaanz viel Glück :)
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