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  • Aww you'd be such an awesome saxophone teacher! I still want to hear ya playing sometime or if your ecord something :D I think you should apply and you can always take a course to perfect what you already know :dance:

    Thanks Juliet Jules :hug:

    Sure thing! I'll try to join the party :drunk:
    Aww that sounds awesome Julees! Enjoy your summer! :D Mine is coming to an end but i don't mind cos i'm pretty tired of the heat after all and i'm looking forward to the winter xD
    Nope, she's not really a movie maniac but we'll watch it together one of these days :D Haha i'll tell her that and I think Juliet's eyes is some romantic movie xD
    Yeah totally and it was sunny and all :awesome:
    Haha yup! e hav 6 months to meet up tons of times and we're planning on having movies marathons. I want to make her watch amelie, eternal sunshine ,500 days of summer and another million movies xD We might do it next week just for you :3
    Aww, i'm sure you'll figue out what to do Jules :hug: I should probably be resting cos i kinda got a cold and a bit of a sore throat but i'm glad i'm feeling ill today and not yesterday otherwise that would've destroyed my time with Imkella :p
    Juleeees :hug: Aww i'd love to hang out with you too! We went to the main square and i showed her the government palace and we saw a horse and even a bride taking pics and then we good to eat typical food and drink and she liked it and i got her an ice cream and it was just great :wacky: I hope you're fine dear Juliet and we thought of you yesterday cos we went to check what was in the movies and they were airing this movie " juliet's eyes" and i said " Juliaaa" :D
    so I copied you :)P) and played that Devendra song (Korean Dogwood), as well as Hey Mama Wolf (which people loved... I played it twice), and also that Lower Dens song (I Get Nervous). Thanks again for playing them last time :thumbsup:
    hey... cool! yeah I got to listen t the album in full... it was really good! I'll definitely listen to it again, though I was quite surprised that there was so much of a spanish influence in some songs.

    yeah I meant if you knew more songs by them. Honestly I still can't stop listening to that song... it's so good!

    haha well I do have to thank you, because without you I would've never heard those songs!
    Greg made me a playlist of songs by Devendra Banhart... they were great! I just bought his album (Cripple Crow) on itunes and am going to give it a spin soon... also this Lower Dens song is so amazing (i can't stop listening to it :|)... thanks for playing it! :thumbsup:

    is there other material good?
    Julz, I might not make it to the LP :cry2:. I'm just about to go to a friend's house to watch a film and I'm not sure what time I'll get home again cause she lifes like 40 mins away. Boooooo :bigcry:
    Oh du hast auf deinem eigenen Profil geantwortet ... :p

    Whoa, okay ... und was machst du zur "Überbrückung"?
    Bütte bütte! :kiss:

    Oha! :surprised: Naja, die Stadt ist auf jeden Fall interessanter als Paderborn, haha. Wann würdest du starten?
    Bin ein Wrack, haha. :p

    Die werden sich sicher freuen. :blush:

    Oha ... viel Erfolg! :hug:
    Hast du schon weiter Pläne wegen dem Studium gemacht?
    Es geht, haha ... bin ziemlich nervös und aufgeregt. :freak:
    Dankeschööööööön! :hug: Ich geb ihnen allen eine Umarmung von dir.

    Wie geht's dir?
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