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  • Hey there.
    I'm great. I've been MIA for a few days, been out and about. I actually found a house and some people to live with. I'll be living with one other musician and two who work in film, so I'll be able to rehearse and work on film projects. We're talking about creating our own youtube channel and doing sketch shows. Hope all is well.
    hahaa JUL .I .A.

    Awwwwwwww you stalked my flickr :blush: yeah you have to get a camera :bigcry:

    or use a disposable one :idea2:

    but uuhmmm.....you gimme Berlin first and then I'll give you my camera :anxious:
    I saw a sax at this msic store the other day and you came to my mind :wacky: Hahaha yeah, Imke is waiting for winter so she can make fun of me and my eskimo jackets xD Booo! I wish you could join us and we're fionally having movies marathons on saturday cos i've been ill for like 2 weeks and i couldn't join her :disappointed: Haha it's not weird, that happens to me all the time :D Btw, what movies should i make )mke watch with me? :wacko: I thought about 500 days of summer, across the universe and amelie for starters :dance: Awww, you can talk to me all the time if you want dear :hug: Hope you're doing ok Juliet Juleees :3
    Julieeeeet :botoxlips:
    Aww , i looove sigur! It's amazing how a band or some songs can bring good memories back or memories of friends you used to hang out with. Like when i listen to nirvana, i remember those days when i used to escape from home to hang out with my crazy friends and get drunk xD I think you should do what you think it's best for you and i'm sure your family will support you :hug:
    We have a similar one here, it's about a dog and all the comics about him are pointless but for some reason they keep printing it in the newspaper. Like first you see the dog on the sofa sniffing in the air thinking "ooh I wonder what that smell's coming from?", then you see the dog walking towards the smell until he reaches the kitchen and there he goes "oooh my owner made dinner!" and you see the dinner :thinking:. Like wth, what was that?!
    I read them before with a friend and we both went HAHAHHAHAHA after each one just cause they're so boring hahaa :awesome:
    thank you so much! I hope so too! And I know you'll find your creative outlet, just follow your heart (as cliche as that sounds)
    Oh my, this is perfect!
    Especially for my aural exam, we get made up news stories on one part and they use the exact same simpler language on it.

    Now I have to actually study for it.
    Nothing that would have lots of awkward words...like medical programmes, they wouldn't help.
    Other than that, yeah anything I guess.
    Hey Julia, could you help me with something?
    I have my german oral exam on monday. Do you know of any good german tv programmes? I need to watch something for getting the right pronunciation D:

    Thank you! :nice:
    Thanks for the friend request.

    Yeah, I had always seen the good in everyone. I finally realized that that trait was more of a problem than a virtue. When it comes to friends, it's quality over quantity!
    Yay! I hope you can send me whatever you record :D You should do that for sure and i've been neglecting my piano, violin and guitar lately but i feel like playing them after talking to you now haha :D I'm sure your dad is right and you fucking rock! Go Jules! :dance:
    Alrighty, i'll be there :drunk:
    I really don't mind cos it'stoo hot and i need some rain xD Haha yeah, imke said she's gonna laugh at me when she sees me wearing layers of clothes during my winter cos it's probably nothing compared to a winter in Germany :p I knoooow, i love ameliee soooo much :heart: The 3 of us should watch that movie sometime :O
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