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  • you'r soooo lucky, gilda! i didnt see them one time! i would love to see them in the UK! dont know why, to be honest, but i love the UK! i have a lot of things to do too, that was the reason why i didnt answered u earlier!:D
    wow, what a scientific family! :D
    about the concert... not really :( they didn't come to Portugal and last time they were here, in 2005, i was in the early age of 10...! I'm waiting hopefully 4 the glorious day that I'll read somewhere, somehow: COLDPLAY HAS FINALLY SCHEDULED A DATE 4 A CONCERT IN PORTUGAL AND THEY REMEMBERED LEONOR CARVALHO (which is me :D) AT LEAST! PLUS, THEY WILL PROPORTIONATE THE BEST DAY IN HER LIFE.
    "The day that never comes" but it have to!

    Lost! video is just great... precioso!:p
    what do u think of it? cant wait 2 see it on TV!

    i think it is time to release a new Coldplay DVD...! :D then, we would see the difference between 2003 and 2008! the melancholic concert and the explosive concert! did u ever go to a concert? i'll b waiting 4 all the answers. im a very curious girl ^^ :D
    take care!
    besos :D:D
    Ur english is not terrible! dont worry! y si, mi gusta mucho las ciencias! :D and maths too! my dream is to study sciences (more chemistry) but i'm only on the 8th grade!:confused: but i really want to study something in the sciences area. for now, i just explain maths to my class partners:p equations!
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