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  • vivalavida_thinwhitedukemix
    do you still search for this file? :D
    found it on the other computer again..
    and i still remembered there was a request.. :wacko:
    it´s the official coldplay.com download..
    have fun ;)
    Sorry Im out of credit to text you back!!!
    Concert was great :) the guys were really happy... and Politik and Trouble were aweeeesome...also IMP totally rocked as usual.... wahey!!!!!!!!
    hope you're alright!! :)
    I only just saw this!!! You wrote on your own 'wall' thingy.....hehe.
    Oh I am so jealous!!!! I wish I had tried to meet Jonny at Brixton now.......oh well.
    Are you still in London? Hope you've had a nice time.... sorry I couldn't come up, I'm definitely a bit skint at the moment! :sad:
    What have you got upto? x
    heyyy! Me too. That picture of that woman with jonny - he looks AMAZING! Hope you're good! I'm coming down yuor neck of the woods next weekend to visit my Mum! Only there saturday and sunday though because I couldnt get any time off work so don't think I;ll have time to meet up with ya! But if you happen to be in London on Saturday give me a holler! :D X
    Heeeeey Jen.
    HOW ARE YA?!
    I'm jealous of the Jonny and Guy meetings, they look HOT!!!!
    love from the other end of the country xxx :)
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