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  • You're welcome. :smiley: For me this whole forum was (and is!) just a big challenge, but I really enjoy to improve my English and to see that I become better and better almost every day. Though my English is horrible. :dozey:
    So, am I allowed to ask you, where you learnt German? Maybe at school? Because you're really, really good. I always look up to people who are not native German and speak that language so good. Because I know, if I wasn't native German, I would never ever in my entire life learn that language, it would be way too difficult for me. :lol:
    And you are welcome here. Somehow I feel like in a big, huge family when I'm here. We all love Coldplay, their music, the boys themselves and enjoy them. Music really conects people in my opinion and I have never talked to so many people from different countries.
    Would you mind, if I would send you a friends request?
    Yeah I am friendly too some ppl...:devil: I gather you have realised I live in NZ,and not Norway..:p
    Willkommen im Forum!
    Sorry, but I've seen you in the German thread and I couldn't help, I just had to leave you a message. :wink:
    Hope you enjoy the forum and of course Coldplay.
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