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Recent content by flockofbirds222

  1. flockofbirds222

    International Lyrics

    I guess it's unfair if I say the answer cause it's my native language...?:joy:
  2. flockofbirds222

    Show us your Coldplay related art

    Wow I love it!
  3. flockofbirds222

    The I RAN AWAY Project - Bringing I Ran Away live to the AHFOD Tour 2016 !

    Sad they didn't play it, but considering they don't even really change up the c-stage songs recently our chances weren't that high:( Well, maybe some time in the future we will have luck and the project was a lot of fun anyway:D
  4. flockofbirds222

    The Coldplay Domino

    AOAL (Coldplay are animals in both videos)
  5. flockofbirds222

    Mylo Xyloto: hurt and heal

    Mylo Xyloto [20] Hurts Like Heaven [21] Paradise [25] Charlie Brown [18] Us Against The World [23] M.M.I.X [12] Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall [25] Major Minus [16] U.F.O [17] Princess Of China [16] Up In Flames [2] (-2) Don't Let It Break Your Heart [14] Up With The Birds [24] (+1) BONUS...
  6. flockofbirds222

    X & Y: hurt and heal

    Square One [22] What If [8] White Shadows [19] Fix You [22] Talk [23] X&Y [6] (+1) Speed of Sound [21] (-2) A Message [21] Low [22] The Hardest Part [21] Swallowed in the Sea [16] Twisted Logic [13]
  7. flockofbirds222

    Viva la Vida (or Death and all his Friends) Prospekt's March Edition: hurt and heal

    Life In Technicolor [14] Cemeteries Of London [26] Lost! [18] 42 [16] Lovers In Japan/Reign Of Love [19] Yes [7] (+1) Viva La Vida [22] Violet Hill [22] Strawberry Swing [22] Death and All His Friends [22] Life In Technicolor ii [24] Postcards From Far Away [20] Glass of Water [21] Rainy Day...
  8. flockofbirds222

    A Head Full of Dreams: hurt and heal

    A Head Full Of Dreams [22] Birds [30] Hymn For The Weekend [18] Everglow [22] Adventure Of A Lifetime [17] Fun (feat. Tove Lo) [15] (-2) Kaleidoscope [2] Army of One [15] Amazing Day [21] Up&Up [21] (+1)
  9. flockofbirds222

    Ghost Stories: hurt and heal

    It's so hard to subtract something from any Ghost Stories song tbh Always In My Head [17] Magic [17] (+1) Ink [22] True Love [13] Midnight [25] Another's Arms [13] (-2) Oceans [20] Fly On [24]
  10. flockofbirds222

    [2017-6-30] Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany

    I saw you two standing inside the concert with your I Ran Away sign as well! Idk if you saw us, we were just a few meters away from you at the barrier:D
  11. flockofbirds222

    [2017-6-30] Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany

    I can spot myself in this photo:D
  12. flockofbirds222

    [2017-6-30] Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany

    I sent them an email earlier but I haven't gotten a reply yet. I used something different as a topic though..
  13. flockofbirds222

    [2017-6-30] Commerzbank-Arena, Frankfurt, Germany

    Does anybody know if you're allowed to bring mobile chargers for your phone? Cause I heard people saying they aren't allowed...
  14. flockofbirds222

    Random Coldplay thoughts...

    Yeah tbh I'm quite disappointed by the c-stage songs recently, not like I don't like the songs but last year we got something special at least, I had really hoped they might change the setlist a bit this year:confused: