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    I don't have MSN anymore. I've got AIM that i use to chat with my American buddies and my best friend who is English. I've got also SKYPE but i rarely use it because i can call up Europe and the US free it's included in my Internet subscription.
    I've only got MSN i'm afraid.
    whats your email address? I'll try and add it and see if it'll recognise you!
    To be honest I'm not quite sure what you're downloading at the moment!
    Are you trying to get the Cucusoft Video Converter, or the BitTorrent software? They're the only things you need to download
    In fact, cos I'm so kind, I'll copy paste the links I was given.
    You need a name and a key, so use one of the following:



    PC Owner

    Chinese Food
    Oh really? If you look in the readme file, there should be a program key which you can enter, instead of buying it :p

    Let me know if that works...
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