Hi theeere! I'm a huge fan of Coldplay (as most of you probably are) and I love music!!!! I also listen to Bring Me The Horizon (BMTH), Pierce The Veil, Arceade Fire, Metric, Of Mice & Men, and a ton of other bands.

I'm a gamer, and I play games such as minecraft, Skyrim, Final Fantasy, and Black Ops Zombies (I and II)

I'm really shy in real life, and also very awkward.

My favourite shade is black and my favorite color is blue.

I'm scene, which basically just means I dress a certain way. It's similar to the emo style. (I am emo too, as the the true definition of emo lieterally just means 'listens to the emo subgenre of music' and I definitely listen to that genre, as well as many other genres and subgenres. The scene style is what people call the classic 'emo' style with long bangs and such.)
^Glad to inform you of random trivia lol ^

Music, Video Games, Running Away
Coldplay concerts
Favourite Coldplay member?
Your favourite Coldplay album?
Favourite Coldplay song
The Escapist
Country Flag
Hell aka School



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