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  • Yes, I understand. Liberal arts instead of fine arts. That's still great, though. If it weren't for music, I would've done something either in linguistics (languages) or English (like writing or journalism). Actually, until I found out my program didn't require me to have a minor, I was going to minor in Spanish.

    Yeah, I suppose it won't hurt to try. You look so nice as is, though. :blush:

    Alright, have fun babysitting! Good luck. :nice:
    Thanks. I'm going to need it, especially since the fine arts are suffering so many cuts. It's becoming that much harder to even find a job. I try not to think about it, but it's hard not to, especially now, since I'm a year away from graduating. :sad:

    OOOH. Welcome to the world of arts! :D I know it's a pretty big adjustment, but I'm sure someone as smart as you will do just fine. :nice:

    PSH, shoot. If you're wearing that shade, you definitely don't need to be tanned. That'd make you look like a hot mess.
    Yes. I'm majoring in music education. It also has an all-level certification, which means I'll be certified to teach music in grades K-12.

    I know I probably shouldn't be scared, particularly since my professor in my summer class said I was doing just fine, but it's a lot to take in. I'm the person responsible for teaching these kids, and I don't want to do the wrong thing.

    Ewww, no, don't do that! Your skin is fine the way it is.
    It was a secondary ed class that covered reading. It has been one of the most helpful classes I've ever taken. I feel so much more prepared for teaching now than I did beforehand. Not that I really feel prepared. The thought of teaching scares me. :anxious:

    Wow, good for your aunt, then. Awesome relatives are awesome. :awesome:

    OOOOOH, debutante. Fancy. :wacky:
    I'm glad to head you're having such a great summer. :nice:

    Well, I took a summer class, which went well, and I'm just staying around the house keeping myself busy. My dad's birthday is coming up, and I was just talking with my mom about what we might do for that. Other than minor things, not much is going on. It's boring, but I'm used to it, so it's no big deal.
    I'm doing good :wacko: and I've been oddly busy too. :|

    Eh I haven't been on Tumblr for days too :|

    What is this, sounds like we have similar life stories :|
    ohh alright i see:p well im sure u can find a path in other things. what subject do u enjoy?

    ur welcome:)

    ok! have a good night:) thanks very much, & u 2<33:)
    haha ya thats what all graduating students say about their last year!

    oh really? i didnt know that! well that tells me that your university students must be very smart haha:p math is like the only thing i am good at XD omg im jealous! :p that sounds great moving over there:) i hope it all works out!

    wow thats plenty, i hope u did well on them:)
    WOOHOOO haha good luck;D my exams r done next week.. i still have one more year til grad though:S so r u off to uni then in September?!

    haha yes hopefully:p how many exams did u have?
    Hi there!
    I closed the 1st scrapbook thread and left links to the new one in both the first and the last post.
    If you're not ok with that or want something changed, just write. :)
    Have a nice day!
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