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  • Happy birthday, Emma

    I hope that you will enjoy a wonderful birthday.

    CONGRATULATIONS. :vuvuzela: :vuvuzela:
    Lower level subjects? :thinking:
    I hope so too :wacky:
    Yeah! It's odd that they don't, makes school look so fun. :| You could always join an exchange program. :wacko:

    And it's already pass midnight here so...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :awesome::awesome:
    Hope you get to be in that 8% and may you have an awesome birthday and may you be blessed! <33
    WHOA, the standard in your country is pretty high! Good luck :hug: I hope you do well :wacky:
    The education standard in my country is pretty shit... It's influenced by politics. There will be LOADS of people who get straight A's, but the passing mark could be extremely low.
    So even though it's 8% at where you are, but that 8% is quality. :wacky:
    /and i'm sure if you studied here your results would kick-ass.
    That's kind of a good thing. :wacky:
    YEAH ENJOY IT. :charming: What are you planning to study? :wacko:
    O____O So it's sort of like common sense? Like if you keep up with current news, you'd pass? :uhoh: But yeah, it does sound cool. :wacko:

    19 is not old! :wacky: But it would mean your last year ending with 'teen', if you know what I mean. /i'm not helping, i know
    Omg! I was wondering whether when I explain that to others from other countries would understand and you do <33
    Yeah, actually it's a lot of exams if we count it all. :uhoh: I'm doing the compulsory subjects (Malay, English, Modern Maths, History and Moral (DON'T ASK T__T, Moral is the worst subject eva) and the selective ones; Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Additional Maths.
    Oh, how old are you btw? o_O

    Ugh, must be terribly annoying. Can't it be cured once and for all? :uhoh:
    Hey Emma! :awesome:
    I happen to come on today, it's been a while since I've came on the forum...
    I'm alright, I have exams going on. Trials before the real big major one. :freak:

    How about you? Are your hiccups getting better?
    You and bitch never go together in the same sentence. Just encourage him to use proper grammar for the greater good of everyone around him. I just read you're going to bed. Goodnight. Next time you need to be so drunk you can't even type well....ok? haha I'm a bad influence on you, don't listen to me.
    6:30 am? wow :blank:

    We're going to a mountain in the middle of the city today and tomorrow we'll go to the beach (it's like 2 hours away from here) :wacky: it's so awesome and weird at the same time to have a coldplayer here
    Awww, how sweet. Thank you so much! :hug: If you end up not having the time, don't worry about it. :nice:

    I don't want you to have to go through all that trouble just to help me out, though... :anxious:
    Reeeeeally now? :thinking: Wow, OK.

    I can just imagine in my head how horribly Texan I'm going to sound as I practice saying this stuff. HAHAHAHA.
    You should just go with whatever you wanna do. College is easier when you're doing stuff you enjoy.

    Really? :thinking: Huh. It still sounds fun, particularly since no one in Texas would probably understand me. :lol:
    Everything's harder at college level, though.

    OOOOOH, Irish. That sounds fun. I wanna learn. :cheesy:

    Yeah, drinking on the job is probably not a wise decision. It's nice to see your aunt's pretty laid back, though. :smiley:
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